Dutch Muslims distribute 15.000 Qurans on King’s Day

Tomorrow, 27 April, it is King’s Day in the Netherlands; the annual festivities celebrating the king’s birthday. A group of Muslims has planned to distribute 15.000 Qurans on this day in several cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Den Haag.

In 2014 there was a similar action which was then a personal initiative by Ali Houri from Alkhattab Foundation (also affiliated with Middle Way) distributing the Quran in an orange stand at the market on King’s Day. His foundation tries to spread the message of Islam in ‘a modern way’. The initiative is made possible by, among others, Islamitisch Centrum Middenweg Roterdam (Islamic Centre Middle Way). This Centre often has activities involving Muslim youth spreading the Islamic message on the streets. The leader of the project, Fehd el Ouali, does not anticipate hostile reactions.

According to El Ouali the non-Muslims they encounter want to get know and be informed about Islam directly instead of depending on the media. With this action the group wants to counter the negative image of Islam caused by the actions of Islamic State (ISmovement) and violent attacks by extremists. According to Houri a Muslim can be meaningful for Islam without travelling thousands of miles to Syria.

One of Ali Houri’s objectives is that in 15 years in all Dutch hotel rooms there will be a Quran next to the Bible (often distributed by the Gideon Foundation). For this particular action on King’s Day the people involved have found sponsors who enabled them to buy the Qurans for 1 euro: on King’s Day they will be distributed for free. Below you see a video with Ali Houri (in Dutch):

source: NU.nl

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