The week in 10 bullets

An overview on news about Islam and/or Muslims in the Netherlands in 10 bullets.

  •  The Radicalization Helpline for Parents is increasing its number of counselors in order to cope with the workload which is higher than expected. They are now counseling 51 cases of young Muslims who appear to be radicalizing or may go to Syria. The Helpline mediates between parents and officials of the police, municipality and youth care.
  • A Somali-Dutch fighter for al-Shabaab in Somalia is featuring on a video by Islamic State.
  • During Ramadan 53 Moroccan imams will visit the Netherlands as happened in previous years as well. The lead some of the taraweeh prayers and are expected to promote a so-called ‘healthy’ Islam.
  • Leader of the Freedom Party Wilders plans to air cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad on Dutch TV.
  • A majority of Dutch parliament appears to agree to construct a black list of imams and preachers who incite hatred or call for violence after several debates about appearances of imams who were deemed controversial.
  • The number of pupils on state funded Islamic schools has risen (see also last week) 22% in a five years period. This means that 0,7% of Dutch pupils visit an Islamic school.
  • Minister Asscher, responsible for integration of minorities, wants to offer foreign imams a Dutch language course.
  • A man who send several mosques letters with pig meat is sentenced to 240 hours of community service, 4000 euros of damages to a (Muslim) neighbour whose name he used and compulsory treatment. The judge in particular blamed the man for misusing the societal unrest shortly after the attacks in Paris in order to defame his neighbour.
  • The municipality of Amsterdam is forced by the court to have a second look at the application for a new public funded secondary Islamic school in the city.
  • The Dutch journal Religion and Society held its annual symposium with the Tilburg School of Catholic Theology and the Working group Sociology of Religion. This time the theme was Allah in the Netherlands – The social reality of Islam.

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