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AIVD probes Dutch link to Spanish terror suspects

Expatica: AIVD probes Dutch link to Spanish terror suspects AMSTERDAM � The Dutch intelligence service AIVD said Wednesday it is investigating a Dutch link to eight people arrested earlier this week for allegedly plotting a bomb attack on the High Court in Madrid.

Europe Struggling to Train New Breed of Muslim Clerics

Religion News Blog : Europe Struggling to Train New Breed of Muslim Clerics “They believe that the growing Muslim population of Europe must stanch the migration of Muslim clerics who often are self-appointed, unfamiliar with the West, beholden to foreign interests and in…

Religion News Blog : Challenging the Quran “In a note of encouragement to his fellow hijackers, September 11 ringleader Muhammad Atta cheered their impending �marriage in Paradise� to the 72 wide-eyed virgins the Qur�an promises to the departed faithful. Palestinian newspapers have been…

'Muslims, neo-Nazis not to blame for French anti-Semitism'

Religion News Blog : ‘Muslims, neo-Nazis not to blame for French anti-Semitism’ “The study “shows that the link with the Middle East conflict is the most misleading or is constructed through false reasoning or exaggerated representation,” according to remarks made by Interior Minister…

School expels boys and girls for wearing 'religious symbols'

Religion News Blog : School expels girls for wearing headscarves The two seventh-grade pupils, aged 12 and 13, had refused to remove their headscarves since school resumed in September, despite repeated meetings teachers held with them and their parents, said the school principal…

Muhajiroun Splits

ic Birmingham – Muslim terror group splits “Al-Muhajiroun has also closed down its website, which controversially denounced Muslims who did not accept terrorism as part of their religion. Sheikh Ibrahim Mogra, a Leicestershire imam, said: “At least there’s one less troublemaker for the…

Islam vanuit radicaal-christelijk perspectief: Mohammed believe it or else

ReligionResearch Islam Blog Uit de radicaal-Christelijke hoek een nieuwe anti-islam strategie in de vorm van een strip: Mohammed believe it or else. Wij zouden het misschien vertalen als Asterix en Obelix bij de moslims. In Trouw (Islam-strip / ‘Zie en huiver’) van vandaag…

Fresh hope for Islam's 'suffragettes'

Scotland on Sunday – Top Stories – Fresh hope for Islam’s ‘suffragettes’ “WHILE universal suffrage has been the norm in the West for decades, in the Middle East it remains a flashpoint between modernisers and Islamic fundamentalists. “


Krabbels 3.0 � Archief � Ramadan “Morgen begint offici�el de Ramadan, de jaarlijks terugkerende vastenmaand van de Islam. Uit protest tegen de negatieve wijze waarop moslims en in het bijzonder Marokkanen in de media en publieke opinie naar voren worden gebracht, heb ik…

Ramadan is zoete koekjes bakken

Trouw, religie & filosofie – Ramadan is zoete koekjes bakken “Vanuit Marokko, waar bijna iedereen aan het islamitische vasten deelneemt, doet de Nederlandse beeldend kunstenares Aline Thomassen op deze pagina wekelijks verslag van ramadan. Deel I: ‘Mannen moeten vaker naar de moskee dan…


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