ASC | Library | Web dossiers – Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa

The African Study Center (ASC) has a beautiful website. Now they have added a subsection Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa

The Library, Documentation and Information Department of the African Studies Centre has compiled this web dossier on Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa to coincide with the conference on �Islam, Disengagement of the State, and Globalization in Sub-Saharan Africa� held at UNESCO in Paris on 12-13 May 2005. The conference was jointly organized by the African Studies Centre (ASC) in Leiden and the Centre d��tudes d�Afrique Noire (CEAN) in Bordeaux.
The dossier begins with background information about the conference and then provides a list of titles on Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa and publications by the conference participants. These sections are based on the ASC library’s collection and contain titles of books and articles published over the last two decades. Each title links directly to the corresponding record in the online catalogue that provides details about the title as well as abstracts of articles and edited works. The dossier concludes with a number of web resources on Islam in Africa.

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