The Mohammed B. court case part 3

Today Mohammed B. was sentenced to life in prison. Not a big surprise for most of us probably. The prosecutor demanded a life sentence, Mohammed B. asked for a life sentence and the public wanted no less then a life sentence.

According to the court it was proven that Mohammed B.’s act was a terrorist act, that he hindered Hirsi Ali in her work and that he willingly caused huge friction in society. He is also found guilty in the attempted murderer of several policemen and -women and two passersby.

For the people who don’t know, a life sentence in the Netherlands is a sentence for life. There is no possibilty for parole. He can only get out of there sooner, when the queen (i.e. the dutch government) allows him. I don’t think that will happen.

Mohammed B. will probably not appeal, but I don’t think that means that this is the last we hear from him…

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