Asharq Alawsat – Terrorism: Where is the Counter Fatwa?

Asharq Alawsat Terrorism: Where is the Counter Fatwa?

The time has come for a fatwa (a legal Islamic opinion) to be issued that disconnects Osama Bin Laden and his followers from Islam. In a time in which terrorist operations have spread across world cities from New York to Casablanca, from Cairo to London, and most recently in Sharm El Sheikh, we desperately need a series of fatwas that assert that Islam does not condone violence against innocent people. However, this is not even enough. We also need to exclude those among us who believe that violence is the way to defend Islam. As a Muslim, I believe that we need total clarity on the subject. We should respond to the fatwas that are issued in our name.

2 thoughts on “Asharq Alawsat – Terrorism: Where is the Counter Fatwa?

  1. I thought you was wel aware of the fact that Salafis, the so-called extremists, have refuted Ibn Laaden. See the following link and the respective fatwa on Ibn Laaden and much more:

    These fatwa’s are prior to 9/11 and still some say Muslim haven’t yet denounced terrorism and Ibn Laaden. May I ask why are you posting this article; I may assume you are well aware of the articles I have gave you?

  2. Thank you for your message.

    Yes I know these fatwa’s but not everyone feels committed to the salafi dawa and trying to be objective means also quoting articles from other people.

    Nevertheless, thank you for the links and I will keep them here in the comments-section so everyone can read them.

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