Muslim WakeUp! A Mountain Out of a Molehill Over Danish Cartoons

On Muslim WakeUp! also a discussion about the cartoons in Denmark. Here one of the articles by Mona Eltahawy

Muslim WakeUp! A Mountain Out of a Molehill Over Danish Cartoons

By Mona Eltahawy

Can we finally admit that Muslims have blown out of all proportion their outrage over 12 cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad published in a Danish newspaper last September?

In the latest twist, both the Organization for the Islamic Conference and the Gulf Cooperation Council condemned a Norwegian newspaper for reprinting the drawings – a decision the publication defended as protecting freedom of expression. Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador from Denmark for “consultations” and Iraqis called in sermons and demonstrations for an investigation into the Danish and Norwegian publications that published the cartoons.

The initial printing of the cartoons in Denmark led to death threats being issued against the artists, demonstrations in Kashmir, and condemnation from 11 countries. What did any of this achieve but prove the original point of the newspaper’s culture editor, that artists in Europe were censoring themselves because they feared Muslim reaction? He commissioned the cartoons after hearing that Danish artists were too scared to illustrate a children’s book about the prophet.

While one cartoon was particularly offensive because it showed the prophet as wearing a turban with a bomb attached to it, a great deal of the anger had to do with the mere depiction of the prophet. Muslims seem to forget that just because they are prohibited from representing the prophet in any way, this does not apply to everybody else. Even with regards to the egregious cartoon showing the prophet with a bomb, Muslim reaction was exaggerated. This should have remained an internal Danish issue. Muslim groups in Denmark have been pursuing a legal course and have vowed to appeal a prosecutor’s refusal to file charges against the newspaper.

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen was right not to intervene, insisting the government has no say over media – the argument used by Arab leaders when they are asked about anti-Semitism in their media, by the way. But in a New Year’s speech, Rasmussen condemned “any expression, action or indication that attempts to demonize groups of people on the basis of their religion or ethnic background.”

12 thoughts on “Muslim WakeUp! A Mountain Out of a Molehill Over Danish Cartoons

  1. whom ever was playing with other people believes that there is plot to control the masses with evile intintion god will show them that all we need is love and peace will previale at the end only when every one find out who ? was to gain in this stupid uncalled for nonsense saga!

  2. You’r point of view is rediculouse , for your knowledge ,the profete Mohammad PBUH is not for Danish muslim only , is for all the muslim in the world, so if the cartoons does’nt bother you , dont tell muslim what they should or should not do !

  3. Can any artist or reporter in Denmark do something similar thing to offend Jews? I think, No way.


  4. As a dane I now boycutt all products that are from the Middle east, but I have no idea what they are producing from the Middle appart from some oil. Therefore I will boycutt all muslim pizzarias, kabab stores and general muslim stores in denmark.

  5. about burning flags, the thing is that many danes really don’t care about some pople burning our flag, because efter the rules of getting rid of a Danish flag you have to burn it and not o use as old clothing or a cleaning rag. I would be offended If I saw people pissing on our flag. But burning don’t care too much about that. Not to forget that the flag they burned yesterday were not a real Danish flag with the corect fabric and it was easy to spot that it was not correct stitched.

    If poeple want to burn our flag, well they kinda need a real flag, it is a bid cheap to burn an A1 drawing with a really bad coulor pencil. I was having a huge laugh and was thinking of some kids.

  6. Freedom means responsiblity or else it turns into chaos. The “artists” have the right to criticise whoever they want. The problem is that they turn to sterotypes because they have no or little knowledge of Islam or the Isamic Civilisation.It is well-known that little knowledge is a dangerous thing.One case in point, the most used word between Moslems when they meet each other is peace as way to salute each other.Force is used in Islam to protect people from those who preclude the right of responsible freedom, not satire or mockery. One may object to by citing Bin laden and al Qaeda. Well, Binnladen deosn’t represent all Moselms as Irish Sein Fein represent all The Irish or The infamous Klu KLax Klan represent all Americans. Moslems have the brightest tolerance record. Just see how many minorities live with them even the jews who were persecuted and thrown from Spain settled in Morocco and Algeria!! Now let’s look the other way aroud, crusaders were dorected against moslems and even now, The empereor Bush has his criminal soldiers in Iraq. Isn’t it the right of Moslems to defend themselves. A whol Palestinian people was thrown out its land to by European occupiers to implant the Jews and get rid of them at the expense of another people. Isn’t the right of thsi people with all its sects to defend itself. Then came half-learned “artists” to lay blame on The prophet Muhammed causing harm to abilion Moslems from China to America. Poor ART!!

  7. I invite every person to know more about religions so that we’ll find that the main core of any religion is to live in peace with others.

    I argue every one to think once more, he might do something that will result in pushing him to the hell.

    and he might learn something that will pass him to the paradise

  8. We are Muslims,condemed any one who make fun of any of the prophets peace be upon them.ASfar as we know from puplic oinion that Denmark @ DENISH PEOPLE enjoy good respect among the muslims. NO ONE MUSLIM Imagine what had’s not freedom but watch your freedom borders.

  9. Good humans leaf good impressions about them bad leaf bad impressions.I am not preaching but let me tell you that is life too short for us all.whay you heat me why i hate you.what is the advantages of such heat.All prophets peace be upon them all .since Ibrham . Moses,jesus, Mohamad .they left the world many years ago but in our opinions as Muslims the are the teaching and respect to human life and dignity

  10. Sorry, that we are giving you shelter and help.
    Sorry that we are giving you education.
    Sorry that we help you economically
    Sorry that you can freely practice your religion in our country.
    Sorry that we are giving developing aid to your countries.

    Sorry that we do not demand blood vengeance on the murders on our fellow countrymen done by Muslims.
    Sorry that we do not run around with suicide bombs on our body, when we fell insulted.
    Sorry that we do not do as your religion says.

    But an apology for the freedom of speech, in our own country, by following our law of our country. You’ll get never get that mate.

  11. The Mecca concept 2006.

    As many people in the world have heard, there was a tragedy in Mecca a few weeks ago. Loads of people died. The reason why they died was that, the security for the masses of people could not secure people properly. This was a scandal in Saudi Arabia, but instead of talking about whom to blame or how they could make the security better next time.

    The Government and the media in Saudi Arabia instead came up with the concept called: Blame some one else for something completely different somewhere in the world.

    Luckily in a country far far away, they were talking about integration which was an interesting debate and a Newspaper did their work by asking a question and drew some cartoons this made its own debate. The debate was nearly going to end and the Danish people could now focus on something else, actually there was one day the Danes were free to hear about some cartoons but all that changed since the Saudi Arabians saw the chance to change subject about the Mecca disaster 2006. From that day the Danes was in a middle of a huge crisis.

    The first thing the Saudis did was to ask their ambassador in Denmark to close down the embassy and to come home ASAP to hear about the Mecca concept now changed to boycott the Danes concept. The Saudi ambassador liked the idea he had his chance to get away from the cold winter in Denmark and come down to get some suntan.

    To all Saudis I am impressed.

    Have you ever heard the sentence? What a claphat?

    To the Saudis you are all a bunch of claphats that is included the people that burns our flags.

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