According to Jentleson, Bin Laden in his attempt to be the Che Guevara of the Muslim world, actually supports the genocide against Muslims such as in Darfur.

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Bin Laden Supports Genocide Against Muslims

By Bruce W. Jentleson
That’s what this morning’s headline should have been, instead of “Bin Laden Says West is Waging War Against Islam, and Urges Supporters to Go to Sudan” (New York Times) and “Bin Laden Warns of Long War, Accuses West of Acting as ‘Crusader’” (Washington Post). It’s a given that the Bush administration will replay its tape about Bin Laden being “on the run” and that we’re “on the advance”. And that John Kerry will again wind through the chutes and ladders of Tora Bora. But our major newspapers also sticking to the same script? It’s not surprising but it is disappointing. How about some outrage from the progressive community?

Genocide is being committed against Sudanese Muslims, and Bin Laden is calling for jihadists to go to Sudan to fight any effort the West might make to stop this mass killing of Muslims. If a UN multilateral peacekeeping force ever does get sent, while some NATO and U.S. forces also may be involved, it’s likely based on other UN peace operations that most of the troops will be from Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Jordan. So Bin Laden’s defense of the Muslim world amounts to killing Muslim peacekeepers seeking to protect Muslim people who’ve already suffered over 400,000 deaths, with over 2 million left as refugees and thousands raped, largely because they are Muslims. The “logic” is breathtaking.

I’m on record on America Abroad and elsewhere about the counterproductivity of the Bush global war on terrorism strategy. But its failures, excesses, outrages and the like don’t negate the fact that Bin Laden is a totalitarian. He needs to be called as such. And action needs to be taken in Darfur. This is an issue which makes John Ikenberry’s point in his recent post about the challenges being more than just about what the Bush administration has and hasn’t done. Enough of these genocide “yet agains” — we’ll never have much claim to being any sort of genuine international community if we don’t get to “never again”.