Visualization of Islamic messages: Gossip / Ghibah

p>One of the most discussed topics among Muslims on the Web is probably the issue of gossip: ghibah. It’s discussed on many fora, MSN- and Yahoogroups and not to forget the countless chatsites and messenger-talks. And now there’s something new, for me anyway. A short film on Youtube that shows the malicious nature of gossip. A universal lesson probably but now in an Islamic frame. You will see only women, which makes gossip the traditional feature of men. Of course we, men, know that we gossip as well but we would like to call that men’s talk or something like that. The women in the film are all very beautiful but with a very mean and horror-like (but then slightly more subtle) nature. These women depict the attractive nature of gossip combined with the sometimes detrimental outcome for individuals and even for society; like the Sirens who seduce us with their calls.

Interesting to follow if this will be a trend; the visualization of islamic messages on the web.

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