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While in several European countries there is a debate going on about the practice of veiling, the issue of Muslim attire in general is a very interesting one. Islam and fashion, or for women being a Muslim and a model, seems to be at odds with eachother now and then, this does not prevent Muslim women to become real fashionistas. In following the lastest fashion trends and combining it with so called traditional female Muslim dress, we can see the emergence of some kind of new trend (although I doubt if this is really new actually). And of course female designers are also busy taking part in the global fashion industry in a way that shows the relation with islam is completely absent.
The magazine Marie Claire has an issue called Mecca Stars out now.

marieclairehijab.jpgThe pictures are taken in Dubai:

First off, why Dubai? “It’s all over the media right now as it tries to put itself on the map as the ultimate travel and shopping destination,” explains senior fashion editor Eric Nicholson. “It seems a very culturally relevant place for a fashion shoot.”
After two days of location scouting, the first day of shooting came with a 5:30 a.m. call time. Once on the streets of Dubai, Eric was happy to see his vision for the shoot become reality. “I was concerned that the mixing of traditional dress and luxury fashion would seem odd, but when we arrived, I discovered that it is extremely normal and accepted,” he says. Three days—and a few hundred snaps—later, he and photographer Neil Kirk knew they had captured just the right look and feel. “It was hard to explain to the models that women in abayas toting Louis Vuitton is an unusual sight in the States.”

This causes some controversy in certain circles, accusing Marie Claire of collaborating with ‘islamofascists‘. Recent research depicts a more nuanced and more positive picture of that.

For some of the pictures, so you can judge them yourself: marieclairehijab2.jpg marieclairehijabmosque.jpgmarieclairehijabmcd.jpg



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