Children of the world: Unite! (and come to the Netherlands all of you)

It may come as a surprise to some of my readers but I really do believe the Netherlands is a great country. You can talk about a lot of things, most people are rich, social services are quite well and fair and balanced and the nature is very nice. I like it so much that I would like to invite everyone; dealing with all of joy on my own is selfish don’t you think so? And now it seems that in particular children have to come here because according to the Unesco Dutch children are the most happiest children in the whole world. Isn’t that great!

Now we can analyze why this is the case but I will leave that to others. Besides the questions asked by Ingrid Robeyns at Crooked Timber, I will leave it at how do you measure happiness and does it mean the same everywhere?

5 thoughts on “Children of the world: Unite! (and come to the Netherlands all of you)

  1. Hey somebody at work mentioned this to me yesterday, he said he heard it on the news. I’m with you all the way Martijn. I don’t know what it’s really like in Holland right now, I haven’t been back there since 2001, but I’m sure things haven’t changed all that much. I love Holland….sighhhh there is no place like home.

  2. Elusive happiness! Can you really ever measure it? Do you differentiate satisfaction from happiness? I do. You can be disatisfied with you rlife as it is but still be happy overall. Disatisfaction is an ative word to me- if you are disatisfied you begin to naturally make changes but being unhappy is stagnant. So how do I measure happiness? Maybe by not measuring it…
    Am I making sense?
    I am happy tonight. I think. I hummed at work today – that’s a sign of happiness isn’t it?

    Thanks Martijn!!! Now I’m going to be pondering on this all night and I won’t be able to sleep and then at work tomorrow I will definitely be UNhappy 🙂

    Maybe one day I will venture into the land of Hans Brinker and the Silver of my favourite books when I was little! I exoect to see a lot of happy people!

  3. Well of course things can always better and there are certainly many issues that have to be dealt with, but in general we should not be complaining (but well you know the Dutch; when we don’t complain anymore then start worrying about us).

    When you visit you can certainly meet one happy guy: Me. I’m happy but not satisfied, yes so how we would score in the tests or will they give a fatal error when we try to fill in that answer?

  4. You’re right …we have not much to complain about. It was so clear tonight – I spent some time with my nephew and he clarified it for me – being warm, well fed and surrounded by love can definitely be a measure of happiness. I guess Maslow knew what he was talking about?
    I’ve been asking everyone how they measure happiness and we have had some good conversations. In my family we like questions like this…we get to philosophize for hours!
    I’m glad you’re happy and true I don’t know how I would score on a test like that either..I’m kind of scared to find out:)
    But the Netherlands and all of its happy people is now on my list of places to go!

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