UPDATED! See below

I few days ago I wrote about Anne Franks picture with a keffiyah on a t-shirt. It is not only to be seen on t-shirts but also on free greeting cards from Boomerang:


This card has caused quite a stir. First a CIDI, Jewish interest group, has protested against these cards, claiming that a combination of the symbol of the Holocaust with the symbol of the Palestinian struggle is a wrong one because it means that Jews are seen as the oppressors of today while the Palestinians are compared to the Jews during WWII. The protest is not a succes and the card remains therefore, Boomerang claiming the message of the card is one of peace and reconciliation.

Also on the WWW there has been some discussion about this such as here, here, here, here, here, and here. Very interesting in this case is also Omars blog, who does not only provide us with a picture of Anne Frank, but also one from Jesus with a keffiyah from Sharif Abdunnur, titled Christ is Palestinian.

palestinian-christ1.jpgUPDATE 1: Boomering has decided not to distribute their ‘Banned Frank’ cards anymore (and therefore I had to include another copy of the picture above).