Closer is Open

Yes it has been a while. In December of last year Closer was closed because of several reasons I’m not going to elaborate about. If you search this blog now you will notice that several entries are password-protected; they will remain that way. Furthermore this blog has a new wordpress theme, Arthemia, which is a theme that is in the middle between a blog and a magazine and hopefully fits the purpose of this blog a little better. You can find a headline-entry that will be refreshed every week and several featured posts that will be refreshed in one or two months.

I hope you will enjoy the new lay out and comments and advice about it are welcome as are your comments to entries here. In the coming weeks some other changes will be made but I hope you will not experience any inconvenience. For now, let me end with saying welcome back!

4 thoughts on “Closer is Open

  1. Bedankt voor je terugkeer, Martijn.
    (Je rss-feed lijkt naar je oude adres te verwijzen, maar het kan ook aan mij liggen)

  2. Dank!

    Als je de rss-feed bedoelt die onderaan de pagina staat, dan is dat inmiddels gecorrigeerd.

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