NEW: ISIM Review on Closer

he International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (ISIM) as an excellently performing, internationally leading institute in its field, the institute has been closed as per 1 January 2009, due to the lack of adequate funding. The ISIM Review carries research articles by scholars throughout the world, enabling its readers to follow trends in research and offering background infor Continue Reading →

Closing the week 7 – Featuring Afghanistan

A weekly round up of writings on the Internet, some relevant for my research, some political, some funny but all of them interesting (Dutch/English). (As usual to a large extent based upon suggestions from Dutch, other European, American and Middle Eastern readers. Thank you all.) This week featuring Afghanistan. Continue Reading →

De Nederlandse Wereldomroep, maagdenvlies en een ontslagen Egyptische blogger

Enige tijd terug liet de Nederlandse Wereldomroep een Arabische vertaling zien van een Chinese advertentie voor de Artificial Virginity Hymen kit. Amira al Tahawi, werkzaam voor de Wereldomroep, liet haar blog zien dat dit verhaal niet helemaal klopt. Het verhaal van de Wereldomroep bevatte volgens haar niet alleen onjuistheden, maar was haar ook kwetsend. Toen ze dit aanhanging maakte is ze, volg Continue Reading →

The cultural production of The Muslim – Identity Talk and Homogenizing 'Us' and Excluding 'Them'

Recently, albeit certainly not new, we have seen a new wave of identity debates in Europe. What does it mean to French, German, Dutch or, for that matter, European? The focus on values is part of a trend emerged in the Netherlands and throughout Europe during 1990s; a new rhetoric of exclusion and inclusion based upon cultural essentialism. The current debates meant to create agreement on values a Continue Reading →