BBC Heart and Soul – Muslims in Amsterdam

Roger Hardy is one of the best journalists when it comes to religion and how religion affects people’s daily lives. Right after the murder of Theo van Gogh he made a program about Dutch Muslims. He also documented his findings in a book the Muslim Revolt. A few weeks ago he returned to the Netherlands:
BBC – BBC World Service Programmes – Heart And Soul, Muslims in Amsterdam 28/04/2010

to see how the Moroccan Muslim community has fared since – and to meet a group that seldom makes the headlines: Moroccan Muslim women.

Among them, he finds young, highly successful power women.

Among them Fatima Elatik, mayor of the multi-cultural district of Zeeburg, who combines her headscarf with a determination not to let young Muslims to be restricted by the Islam label;

and Samira Bouchibti, an MP who speaks on gay rights for the Dutch Labour party – a highly unusual brief for a Muslim woman.

But Roger also wins the trust of women from very traditional backgrounds – like Rahma, a grandmother who’s learning how to read and write in her 70s.

Join him and find out why in 21st century Amsterdam, it’s easier to be called Fatima than Mohammed.

Illustration above of Fatima Elatik, the young and outspoken district mayor of Zeeburg in Amsterdam.

On Wednesday 28 March 2010 his report will be broadcast on BBC’s Heart and Soul at 12.32 (GMT+1), after the show you listen to the podcast available at the website.

The podcast is available now. You can download it HERE.

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