There is no Ground Zero Mosque

Many of you have by now read my thoughts on the Ground Zero Mosque, that is not a mosque and not at Ground Zero. Probably many of you have already seen the hilarious Daily Show episode. Here you find a video with Keith Olbermann with a special comment on this whole issue: Continue Reading →

Wilders drags up outdated colonial rhetoric

'Why did you become anti-Islamic and what is your message to Muslims? These questions were asked by to the Dutch politician Geert Wilders. In his reply, Mr Wilders de-scribes Islam as fatalist, tyrannical, violent and irrational and as such as the cause of the lack of de-mocracy and development in the Muslim World. Only by liberating themselves from their religion, he says, Musli Continue Reading →

New Publication: Being Young and Muslim – New Cultural Politics in the Global South and North

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of interest in youth issues and Muslim youth in particular. Young Muslims have been thrust into the global spotlight in relation to questions about security and extremism, work and migration, and rights and citizenship. This book interrogates the cultures and politics of Muslim youth in the global South and North to understand their trajectories, con Continue Reading →

Muslims and Anime Art

Anime is an old drawing style from Japan coming from the word ‘animation’ and manga is the comics and cartoons where this style is used. In this entry I explore Muslim anime and manga. While anime is in itself already a mix of different styles and genres it gets re-appropriated by people who give meaning to it throughout the world and by making new drawings and comics themselves with both glob Continue Reading →

Sexual Nationalisms – Gender, Sexuality and the Politics of Belonging in the New Europe

An increasing number of scholars in the humanities and social sciences have begun to investigate the important shifts taking place in discourses of sexual freedom and gender equality across the continent. These shifts open up new arenas for ethnographic and other empirical research. What role do sex and gender play in various European nationalisms? In which cultural terms are sexual and gender bou Continue Reading →

Radicalization Series IV – Salafism as a Utopian Movement

There are many different approaches for research on Salafism and they all make clear that, although Salafism has some distinguishing features, the movement is quite diverse with many doctrinary contradictions and clashes and different politico-theological tendencies. It is therefore difficult to define Salafism in a clear, consistent way. Most definitions of Salafism focus on ideological differenc Continue Reading →