Zanga Zanga in Libya

A few weeks ago Libyan leader Kadaffi gave an already famous speech in which he vowed to fight and die as a martyr. The rest of the speech was ominous but also incomprehensible. His speech appears to have become a youtube’s meme like for example Hitler’s speeches taken from the great film Der Untergang that has produced many hilarious new takes on Youtube. I will give you four here. The first one links Kadaffi’s speech with the one from Hitler who asks the Libyan leader to comment upon his book:

The second one is Gaddafi in the same speech (of course) but it seems he was speaking in a different language: Swedish

The third one is the Zanga Zanga remix; zanga referring to allyway.

And the fourth, and last, one is Conan O’Brien’s take on the speech:

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  1. Comedy

    Schueffelgen News Media: I´m not able o translate, but it seems to be trustful!

    Hey white liar!
    Von: workergirls  | 14.05.2011  | 552 Aufrufe

    Schueffelgen News Media: Some wild tribes in africa support gaddafi?

    Zanga Zanga club : kadhafi le Roi des Rois de l’Afrique
    … kahdafi Gaddafi kadhafi Muammar dance gadafi Zanga libya revolution zangazanga Roi Rois Afrique libye Single speech remix download mp3 wmv …
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    Schueffelgen News Media: CIA mealtime!

    Schueffelgen News Media: Rebells learned there lessons!
    Subtitled Arab

    Schueffelgen News Media: Training Gaddafis Security?
    arab crazy skating bored

    Schueffelgen News Media: European holidays in danger?
    Rabii Zammouri – HYMNE A LA REVOLUTION

    Hochgeladen von fay3733 am 12.03.2011

    Schueffelgen News Media: It´s not funny what he says!

    For Remix “Zanga Zanga”: basics
    The Brother Leader addresses the
    Students of Oxford University on Africa in the
    21st Century
    Schueffelgen News Media: The cartoon we on the death row were waiting for!

    The Cartoon – Gaddafi (Kadhafi)
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    The purpose of this movie is to open up people’s eyes on the reasons for the war in Libya, other then the democratic reasons stated by our governments.

    However, it does not intend to be a propaganda movie for the Libyan regime.
    The reasons for this war are complicated : oil and especially financial interests are linked to it.

    You are invited to take a critical view point and look up for additional informations.

    Ce film a pour but de réveiller les gens à qui nos gouvernements font croire que nous avons attaqué la Libye uniquement pour des raisons démocratiques.

    Il ne se veut en aucun cas un film de propagande pour le régime libyen.

    Les raisons de cette guerre sont complexes : pétrole et surtout intérêts financiers y sont liés. Nous vous invitons à avoir un regard critique et à aller chercher plusieurs sources d’informations.

    Schueffelgen News Media: No comment! I´m on Goggle too!
    Facebook & Google are CIA Fronts
    In the case of both Google and Facebook, three talented students in their 20’s came out of obscurity to establish multi-billion dollar enterprises. Do you suppose they had some help?


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