Some first thoughts on Moroccan reforms and khitab

Last night Moroccan king Mohammed VI announced reforms and a constitutional referendum.
This can be seen as the answer of the Moroccan establishment to the protests in Morocco. Will it be sufficient for the protesters? The ideas of the king sounded healthy and promising but isn’t it more of the same…again? At the same time I’m also not that sure of the ‘revolutionairy spirit’ is so strong anymore. Furthermore it remains to be seen whether the supporters and opponents of reform will get an equal share of media publicity in the weeks leading up to the referendum. And if the referendum will be a clear yes for the reform, will the reforms eventually lead to a substantial decrease of the power of the current elite? Journalist Achmed Benchemsi has a good first take I think on the speech at Al Jazeera:


Read the full text of the king’s speech on Moroccans for Change.

2 thoughts on “Some first thoughts on Moroccan reforms and khitab

  1. believe me i was in morroco and people love their king,i thing onesty its worst if the monarch its not sure in few years people are regrets him if from romania and i see a lot of changes.

  2. Nicole I totally agree with you, they will see real democracy from their rich ignorant leaders who will encroach upon their rights and even the air that they breath. then it won’t be a happy scene. About half of the country’s population is Illiterate, how can they secure their rights with the rich elite, which are likely to turn out as despots if civil unrest ensues. I say send your kids to school and let rightfully ask for what belongs to them because the previous generations failed to do so.

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