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European Sexual Nationalisms: The Culturalization of Citizenship and the Sexual Politics of Belonging and Exclusion

In this contribution Paul Mepschen and Jan-Willem Duyvendak argue that representations of gay emancipation are mobilized to shape narratives in which Muslims are framed as non-modern subjects, which best be understood in relation to the ‘culturalization of citizenship’ and the rise of Islamophobia in Europe.

Closing The Year 2012

The year 2012 on Closer: anthropology of Muslims in Europe (a modest attempt)

Geweldspraak: PVV, Wilders, De Graaff en flirten met geweld

PVV senator De Graaff baart opzien met zijn tweet over AK47 bij biddende moslims. Incident of structureel geweld door de PVV? Wilders’ retoriek en ook dat van De Graaff staat boordevol met taalgeweld en geweldspraak. Wat dat betreft staat de PVV en met haar Wilders en De Graaff voor structureel geweld tegen moslims. Het wordt hoog tijd dat we dat eens serieuzer nemen.

Dr. Kromzwaard Trofee 2012 – De Nominaties, stem!

De genomineerden voor de Dr. Kromzwaard trofee zijn bekend. Stem!

'Fuck You Nederland' – De politiek van onverschilligheid

Uitsluiting vindt in dit land niet alleen plaats door discriminerende maatregelen van de overheid of door werkgevers, maar ook via onverschilligheid en kilte naar mensen die schijnbaar ons ‘mededogen’ niet verdienen en er alleen zijn als ‘matter out of place’. Er zijn mensen die vinden dat migranten ‘dankbaar’ moeten zijn. Nou ‘Fuck you, Nederland’ zou ik zeggen.

Citizenship Carnival: What is Integration?

In this blog Nadia Fadil problematizes the concern of researchers with integration – to take it as a point of departure in order to understand the different connotations it invokes and imaginaries it touches upon. For more than simply figuring as a neutral analytical category, the term integration is also a highly contested and controversial concept – one that has been challenged and disputed.

New Series: Citizenship Carnival

Closer starts a new series of articles asking in many different ways: ‘What do we actually mean when we talking about migrants, citizenship, integration and so on’? Topics such as ‘integration’, ‘homo-nationalism’, ‘orientalism’ ‘neo-colonialism’ will be addressed in in-depth and long (yes!) articles.

The Jihad Struggle: #MyJihad Campaign

MyJihad is an American campaign sponsored by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) trying to reclaim the word Jihad from radical (anti-) Muslims. It is response against Pamela Geller’s hate-campaign but also receives criticism from Muslim groups. How would be analyse such a spectacle when going beyond the binary of religion – secular?

De Dr. Kromzwaard Trofee 2012: stuur uw suggesties in!

Wat zijn de beste / slechtste stukken over islam, moslims, integratie, immigratie en multiculturele samenleving? Stuur uw suggesties in voor de Dr. Kromzwaard Trofee 2012.

Rethinking Secularism: The Power of Religion in the Public Sphere

On 22 October 2012 Jürgen Habermas, Charles Taylor, Judith Butler and Cornel West met in the historic Great Hall at Cooper Union to discuss “Rethinking Secularism.” In this symposium convened by the Institute for Public Knowledge at NYU, the Social Science Research Council and the Humanities Institute at Stony Brook University, they presented their accounts of religion in the public sphere.


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