New Series: Citizenship Carnival

Closer starts a new series of articles called the Citizenship Carnival. The name is based upon the idea of a blog carnival. Usually this means that editors find good blog posts on a particular topic and putting them together in a blog post that is called a ‘carnival’. This will be a little different in that I am the one who invites people to write on a particular theme; in this case a topic that is somehow related to the issues of ‘citizenship’ and ‘integration’.

Particular social phenomena ranging from sports ceremonies to garden parties have implicit and explicit rules that govern how we act in and upon them. The same can be said for integration and citizenship. Implicit and explicit rules govern our perception of what integration and citizenship is and should be. In abiding by these rules, (or not) politicians, policy makers, media and citizens construct integration and citizenship as something ‘real’ and ‘self-evident’. Some of these rules are out in the open: you have to speak the language, the are some demands with regard to income, you have to abide to the laws of the country and so on. But when we de-construct these rules we find other, more implicit, rules as well that have a heavy bearing on how a nation-state includes and/or excludes particular people.

This series will feature articles that in many different ways ask: ‘What do we actually mean when we talking about migrants, citizenship, integration and so on’? Topics such as ‘integration’, ‘homo-nationalism’, ‘orientalism’ ‘neo-colonialism’ will be addressed in in-depth and long (yes!) articles. Some of them will be first versions of texts used for lectures and papers and others will be based upon articles published in scientific journals and others will be somewhere in between. The first articles will be published this year and the rest in 2013. If you want to contribute to this series, don’t hesitate to let me know.

This post will updated every time there is a new article by linking to it. You can also find the articles with the link:


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