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200 jaar: Koninkrijk, Grondwet en Racisme


Nederland is jarig. 200 jaar! Vrij en verbonden door gelijke rechten en plichten. En racisme waarvan Wilders alleen de logische consequentie is.

Wilders & 'Fewer Moroccans' – Exposing and Challenging Racism in the Netherlands

The leader of the racist Freedom Party Geert Wilders received a lot of criticism after stating he wants ‘less Moroccans’.

Terrorists or Freedom Fighters

Mehdi Hasan challenges Martin McGuinness, exploring the definition of terrorism and when to negotiate with the enemy. And an interview with Remy Brulin.

Modern Seculiere Godslastering: Wilders is Hitler

Een overzicht van de Wilders is Hitler uitingen als vormen van modern seculiere godslastering.

Homs: Living, Resilience and Overcoming the Darkness of the Siege

You will see people trying to ‘overcome the darkness of the siege'; a brave mother, a Dutch jesuit father Francis (Frans van der Lugt) and others making the best of rather primitive circumstances in Homs.

Women & Violence – The Case of Dutch Muslim Women in Syria Part 1

Women and political violence For some reason the participation of women in political violence and war triggers our imagination. This is also the case with Muslim women going to Syria, some who go there to fight, some to become active in humanitarian aid…

Moroccan Dutch kickboxing champion Rachida Bouhout – 'I hope I win, inshallah'

Moroccan-Dutch kickboxing champion Rachida Bouhout and the meaning of kickboxing.

Wat gebeurt hier? – Vier voorbeelden van de tragiek van grassrootsorganisaties

Er doet zich een fenomeen voor bij grassroots organisaties waar ik na 10 jaar nog steeds niet de vinger op kan leggen: men staat altijd met lege handen.


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