An anthropology of Muslims in Europe - A modest attempt by Martijn

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#NiceAttack & the racialization of violence: Muslims invisible as victims and hypervisible as perpetrators

One of the recurring themes in the contemporary racialization of Muslims revolves around how Muslims are reduced to intolerant, violent perpetrators. With every attack there is both a lot of debate about the role of Islam or IS ideology (most accounts distinguishing between…

Srebrenica – Het Europese 9/11

Linzensoep in Schiedam Enkele jaren geleden had ik een gesprek in Schiedam op de plek waar je de beste Turkse linzensoep van Nederland kunt eten. Mijn gesprekspartner zei tegen mij: “Martijn denk jij nu echt dat wij, moslims, in Nederland beschermd gaan worden…


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