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Discrimination & Hatred? – What you need to know about the Second Geert Wilders Trial


Wilders and his Freedom Party constitute one of the most important populist anti-Islam voices in the Dutch public debates on Islam, European integration and immigration. Wilders’ views regarding Islam have made him a controversial figure and after the murder of TV director and…

Raciaal Nederlanderschap – Racisme, Zwarte Piet en Islam in een week


Afgelopen week was weer een nieuw hoofdstuk in de discussie over zwarte piet en over racisme in Nederland. Met opmerkingen van Derksen, Beelen over Sylvana Simons en apen, met Zijlstra die vond dat RTL het sinterklaasfeest vermoordde en de protesten dat we zwarte…

No feminism without anti-racism


Earlier this month, the launch of Machteld Zee´s book, Heilige Identiteiten (Holy Identities), caused some debate among Dutch feminists. In it, she writes about academics and commentators whose reluctance to criticize Muslims contributes to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. Supporting Zee, Yolande Withuis and others opened an attack on the feminists they called “useful idiots” who are used by patriarchal Islamists to further the “creeping Islamization of our society.” In their efforts to depoliticize feminism, these commentators present the debate as a generational conflict: the 70s-inspired leftist multiculturalists versus the politically neutral, true defenders of women’s rights. What they don’t want us to see is the hardcore political ideology behind their own position.

“Hier verdrinken we Algerijnen” – Het Parijse bloedbad van 17 oktober 1961


Hoeveel mensen hebben het niet gedaan? Een tochtje langs de Seine in Parijs. Alleen, met je geliefde, met je partner en kinderen, met vrienden. Wanneer je dat doet geniet dan vooral van alle pracht en praal en deze mooie rivier, maar vergeet niet…

Rogers Brubaker on Dutch identity liberalism & civilizational frame – A “Christianist” secularism in Europe?


On The Immanent Frame, Rogers Brubaker writes about a new “Christianist” secularism in Europe. According to Brubaker religion is not just the target of what he calls assertive secularism but that it also informs it as its ‘putative foundation’. Brubaker notes that assertive…

Undercover Islamic Marriages in the Netherlands


The Dutch undercover TV report ‘Undercover Nederland’ had a program yesterday on Islamic marriages in the Netherlands. They showed examples of a couple wanting to marry without a prior civic marriage and polygamous marriages. You can watch the program here: Four Dutch…

Recht voor iedereen – Een bespreking van de boeken van Machteld Zee over Britse shariaraden


Inleiding Hoe richten we de instituties in onze samenleving zo in dat deze kunnen om gaan met het toenemende pluralisme in de samenleving? Hoe kunnen deze instituties, inclusief het seculiere en religieuze middenveld, de verschillende ideeën over wat een goed leven is accommoderen?…


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