No feminism without anti-racism

Earlier this month, the launch of Machteld Zee´s book, Heilige Identiteiten (Holy Identities), caused some debate among Dutch feminists. In it, she writes about academics and commentators whose reluctance to criticize Muslims contributes to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. Supporting Zee, Yolande Withuis and others opened an attack on the feminists they called “useful idiots” who are used Continue Reading →

Rogers Brubaker on Dutch identity liberalism & civilizational frame – A “Christianist” secularism in Europe?

On The Immanent Frame, Rogers Brubaker writes about a new “Christianist” secularism in Europe. According to Brubaker religion is not just the target of what he calls assertive secularism but that it also informs it as its ‘putative foundation’. Brubaker notes that assertive secularism is not just anti-religious even though it presents itself as a […] Continue Reading →

Undercover Islamic Marriages in the Netherlands

The Dutch undercover TV report ‘Undercover Nederland’ had a program yesterday on Islamic marriages in the Netherlands. They showed examples of a couple wanting to marry without a prior civic marriage and polygamous marriages. You can watch the program here: Four Dutch mosques Continue Reading →