An anthropology of Muslims in Europe - A modest attempt by Martijn

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FRA key findings – Muslims in the EU: High levels of trust and attachment, pervasive discrimination and harassment

Today the FRA published its Second European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey (EU-MIDIS II) Muslims – selected findings. FRA is the EU’s independent body for delivering fundamental rights assistance and expertise to the EU and its Member States. The survey of 10,527 people…

Programma Symposium Islamofobie & Xenofobie zaterdag 23 september

Op 21 september is het de Europese Actie dag tegen islamofobie en tegen xenofobie gericht tegen vluchtelingen. In dit kader organiseren wij het Islamofobie symposium op zaterdag 23 september. U vindt hier het programma.

De Rohingya en Myanmar – Achtergrondinfo over geschiedenis, nationalisme en etnische zuiveringen

De Rakhine State of Myanmar is niet zo bekend in Nederland, toch hebben we er wel een geschiedenis. Tussen 1624 en 1665 zouden de Nederlanders zo’n 11.000 mensen uit dit gebied (dat toen Arakan heette), tot slaaf gemaakt hebben en verscheept hebben naar…

Progress for Integration of Muslims in Western Europe – And why that is based on a questionable idea

The integration of Muslim immigrants in Western Europe is making clear progress. By the second generation at the latest, the majority have entered mainstream society. Interesting findings but one that is also problematic in the sense that it reproduces the idea of Islam and Muslims as an integration issue.


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