Remembering and re-telling Srebrenica – A cry from the grave

The BBC documentary, “Srebrenica: A Cry from Grave”, by Director Leslie Woodhead is an account of the Srebrenica massacre where 8,372 Bosnian Muslim civilians (who were protected by Dutch UN soldiers) were killed by Serbian armed forces in the summer of 1995.

The begins with Saliha Osmanovic’s return to the Srebrenica graveyard where one son is buried and with pictures of her husband, captured by the Serbs, calling out desperately to their other son; both disappeared. Her husband was part of the Death March, calling to his son Nermin to surrender. He is seen in a clear shot on camera, calling up to the woods, telling his son, “I am here. Come down. There is nothing to fear,” while Serb soldiers mock and scold him. Neither of them was seen again.

The documentary goes on to share first-hand accounts from survivors, alongside the testimonies from the Dutch peacekeepers and government officials, which provide a thorough and detailed breakdown of how Srebrenica was attacked.

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