RADIKAAL podcast: Cas Mudde interviews Nadia Marzouki on Islam, Islamophobia and so-called Islamo-Leftism

One of the best podasts about “the radical aspects of music, politics, and sports” is RADIKAAL a DIY podcast hosted by Cas Mudde. Guests include academics, athletes, journalists, musicians, and politicians. In short, this is a podcast about fascists, punks, and ultras. In this episode Cas Mudde interviews Nadia Marzouki and it is a very rich and clear interview about Islam, Islamophobia and what is called Islamo-Leftism in France.

Nadia Marzouki is a Research Fellow in Political Science at the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) in Paris, France. Her work examines public controversies about Islam and religious freedom in Europe and the United States. She has written and co-edited several books, including Islam, an American Religion, published by Columbia University Press in 2017, and with Olivier Roy and Duncan McDonnell of Saving the People, How Populists Hijack Religion, published by Hurst and Oxford University Press in 2017. We talk about Islam and Islamophobia in France and the US and the newest enemy of the French government, the so-called Islamo-Lefists. Nadia Marzouki tweets at @NadiaMarzouki1.

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