Rise of Islamophobia in Europe – A conversation between European anti-Islamophobia and human rights groups

Rise of Islamophobia in Europe The Dutch anti-Islamophobia NGO Collective against Islamophobia and Discrimination CTID) cordially invites you to a meeting on 6 March with European partners to discuss the role of Islamophobia in politics. In the context of the Dutch parliamentary elections, CTID is organising a series of meetings with politicians and others on […] Continue Reading →

Dutch anti-Islamophobia NGO meeting: Impact Counterterrorism on European Muslims

Anti-Terror Policies and Muslims in Europe: In Conversation with Activists from France, Austria, the UK and the Netherlands Meld Islamofobie (Report Islamophobia) is a Dutch, independent, female-led citizens’ initiative. The project came about in 2015, when the team observed a sharp increase in violence against Muslims in the aftermath of the Charlie Hebdo attack in […] Continue Reading →

Academics for Repatriation – European families in the detention camps of northeastern Syria must be repatriated

About 200 academics call upon European countries to take immediate action to repatriate their nationals from the detention camps of northeastern Syria. Read the call here. The issue of repatriating European nationals who joined various groups, including Islamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq, has divided European public opinion. There are currently more than 400 European […] Continue Reading →

Reading Muslims podcast with Juliette Galonnier: “France’s Fears over ‘Islamic Separatism’ and Academic Freedom”

From University of Toronto, Institute for Islamic Studies: On Oct 16th, a French schoolteacher in the suburbs of Paris named Samuel Paty was murdered by a Muslim man for showing his classroom caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad. The aftermath has placed Islam and Muslims under scrutiny with the government claiming that “Islamist separatism” is challenging […] Continue Reading →

De staat van islamofobie NL – Een impressie van islamofobie symposium

Zaterdag 19 september jl. vond het inmiddels traditionele islamofobie symposium plaats. Jaarlijks georganiseerd door het Collectief tegen Islamofobie en Discriminatie (CTID), kwamen we dit niet keer bij elkaar op locatie in Amsterdam, maar op Zoom. Centrale thema’s van deze bijeenkomst waren politieke islamofobie en institutionele islamofobie. Manifest tegen islamofobie Abdou Menehbi van het Col Continue Reading →

Dutch NGO Report Islamophobia: Law against face coverings has increased Islamophobia and must be repealed

DUTCH NGO RELEASES REVIEW EFFECTS OF THE ‘BURQA BAN’: LAW AGAINST FACE COVERINGS HAS INCREASED ISLAMOPHOBIA AND MUST BE REPEALED ‘Face-covering clothing is prohibited in education, care [services], public transport and government buildings. In the public area, the police can order the face-covering clothing [to be removed] for identification purposes. Those who wear these clothes […] Continue Reading →

Online Islamofobie symposium 19 september – Het programma Tegen islamofobie – Voor burgerrechten

‘Tegen islamofobie voor burgerrechten’ 19 september 2020 van 10.30 tot 13.30 uur. Op 21 september is de Europese actiedag tegen islamofobie. Traditioneel organiseert het Collectief tegen Islamofobie en Discriminatie dan samen met de Universiteit van Amsterdam en de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen haar islamofobie symposium. Dit jaar vindt het symposium plaats op 19 september met als […] Continue Reading →