Moslims & Onderzoek: Van Survey naar Surveillance?

In november kwam het SCP rapport Moslim in Nederland uit. De reacties onder moslims waren niet zozeer afwijzend als wel argwanend: waarom dit onderzoek. Vanuit de positie van onderzoeker kun je je afvragen in hoeverre al het onderzoek naar moslims in Nederland bijdraagt aan het 'surveilleren' van moslims en wat de consequenties zijn van die surveillance voor onderzoek. Continue Reading →

On Social Construction

This is an interesting video and very useful for teaching purposes by Lisa Wade and Gwen Sharp of Sociologcial Images. They explain in a very concrete way the idea of social construction; a concept that refers to how people giving to the world. Continue Reading →

Chart Wars: The Political Power of Data Visualization

Political leaders, social movements and opinion leaders use visual rhetoric for the public representation and manipulation of their ideological messages by means of culturally recognizable symbols but (and this is the interesting part of chart wars) also by more abstract images conveying the message of chaos or order. What people need to know about the political power of visualizing data in 5 minu Continue Reading →

Anthropology on the web – the culture of youtube

Of course, anthropology is one of the most important and interesting studies one can imagine. But what does an anthropologists on Youtube give a nice impression. The Internet offers a range of possibilities for anthropologists and the work on Youtube is fascinating. Moreover, the participation of students in it, make it highly relevant for teaching as well. Continue Reading →