Dutch elections syllabus – With a focus on Race, Secularism and the Nation

I have assembled a mock course syllabus that explores the deep currents of Dutch political culture with a specific focus on Race, Secularism and the Nation which coincides with my current research on the racialization of Dutch Muslims and how Muslims 'talk back'. It does certainly not only focus on the role of radical right such as Wilders but also to how mainstream political parties cultivate and Continue Reading →

No feminism without anti-racism

Earlier this month, the launch of Machteld Zee´s book, Heilige Identiteiten (Holy Identities), caused some debate among Dutch feminists. In it, she writes about academics and commentators whose reluctance to criticize Muslims contributes to the rise of Islamic fundamentalism. Supporting Zee, Yolande Withuis and others opened an attack on the feminists they called “useful idiots” who are used Continue Reading →

The ‘Taharrush’ Connection: Xenophobia, Islamophobia, and Sexual Violence in Germany and Beyond

Guest Authors: Angie Abdelmonem, Rahma Esther Bavelaar, Elisa Wynne-Hughes, and Susana Galán New Year’s Eve 2016 witnessed the collective public sexual harassment and assault of dozens of women during celebrations in Cologne, Germany, reportedly by more than one thousand men. Similar, smaller-scale incidents were reported in other German cities, like Hamburg and Stuttgart. In the […] Continue Reading →