An anthropology of Muslims in Europe - A modest attempt by Martijn

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Race, Islam in Europe & secularism: 2017 in blog posts (oh + Trump + Baudet)


So, my end of the year list (beneden de Nederlandse posts!) 5) Throughout 2016 and 2017 I shifted my academic focus a little more to Islamophobia and racialization. The work of W.E.B. du Bois is very important here, no 5 How does it…

Special issue Culture and Religion – Aesthetics of religious authority


Together with Marleen de Witte (University of Amsterdam) and Thijl Sunier (VU University Amsterdam) I edited a special volume of the journal Culture and Religion on the aesthetics of religious leadership. The different contributions were presented earlier in 2012 in the seminar Aesthetics…

Resistance from Activist Daʿwa Networks in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany


In our IMES Series Report ‘Islands in a sea of unbelief’ – The resistance of activist daʿwa networks in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany, the sort of activism employed in networks like Sharia4Belgium and Sharia4Holland is analysed. We address how the activism of…

Nieuw boek: ‘Salafisme. Utopische idealen in een weerbarstige praktijk’


Salafisme. Utopische idealen in een weerbarstige praktijk dat ik heb geschreven met Joas Wagemakers en Carmen Becker verschijnt op woensdag 14 mei.

Forces that Bind or Divide

Very happy to announce my new research project, funded by NWO, Forces that bind or divide.

PhD candidate for the NWO funded research project 'Forces that bind or divide?'

The Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam are looking for a PhD candidate who will participate in the research project ‘Forces that bind or divide? Muslim interventions in the public realm 1989 – 2016′, directed by Annelies Moors.

The moral maze: Dutch Salafis and the construction of a moral community of the faithful

My article in the special issue of Contemporary Islam on Moral Ambiguities and Muslim Lives: The moral maze: Dutch Salafis and the construction of a moral community of the faithful.

Seminar: Aesthetics of religious leadership

On Friday the 21st of September 2012 the anthropological department of the VU University in Amsterdam, in cooperation with the Radboud University of Nijmegen organizes a one-day symposium on the ‘aesthetics of religious leadership’.

Salafisme: de vijand die we graag haten

De recente gewelddadige acties tegen een sji’itische moskee in Brussel en de schietpartijen in Frankrijk hebben veel mensen geschokt. In beide gevallen werd al snel in de richting van het ‘salafisme’ gewezen als synoniem voor de radicale islam. Het lijkt alsof geweld door moslims altijd wordt herleid tot islam of salafisme en niet tot psychologische of sociale achtergronden. Wat is salafisme eigenlijk?

New Book: Local Battles- Global Stakes

Together with my colleague Edien Bartels I have written a chapter called Submission and a Ritual Murder; The transnational aspects of a local conflict and protest in a volume edited by my colleagues of VU University Amsterdam: Ton Salman and Marjo de Theije. In this volume Local Battles, Global Stakes. The Globalization of Local Conflicts and the Localization of Global Interests the authors challenge the often held assumption with regard to conflicts around the world that ‘the local’ and ‘the global’ are clearly distinct realms.


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