An anthropology of Muslims in Europe - A modest attempt by Martijn

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Geweld? Het is De Islam!!1 – Een overzicht van de wetenschappelijke benaderingen


Als mannen die moslim zijn en die geweld plegen altijd gedreven worden door ideologie en witte mannen die geen moslim zijn en geweld plegen altijd verward zijn, waarom leidt het eerste dan tot een anti-radicaliseringsbeleid en het tweede niet tot een groot bevolkingsonderzoek…

Opmerkingen bij Michael Walzers’ The Paradox of Liberation


Opmerkingen bij Michael Walzers The Paradox of Liberation (Yale UP 2015) Gastauteur: Pooyan Tamimi Arab Michael Walzer is politicoloog en filosoof en professor emeritus aan het prestigieuze Institute for Advanced Studies van Princeton University. In zijn recent gepubliceerde boek The Paradox of Liberation:…

NISIS Autumn School |The religious/secular divide in the Muslim world

From Tuesday 21 until Friday 24 October 2014, NISIS organises its fifth Autumn School. This year’s theme is: “The religious/secular divide in the Muslim world.”

Martyrdom Operations As Meaningful Violence

Screenshot 2014-06-29 12.20.00

A contribution by Pieter Nanninga, based upon his PhD Jihadism and Suicide Attacks: al-Qaeda, al-Sahab and the Meanings of Martyrdom.

PhD candidate for the NWO funded research project 'Forces that bind or divide?'

The Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research and the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the University of Amsterdam are looking for a PhD candidate who will participate in the research project ‘Forces that bind or divide? Muslim interventions in the public realm 1989 – 2016′, directed by Annelies Moors.

Religion in the Netherlands – The Rough Data

Dutch sociologists R. Eising, G. Kraaykamp, P. Scheepers and P. Thijs, have now published a data guide: Religion in Dutch Society – Documentation of a national survey on religious and secular attitudes and behaviour in 2011-2012. This Data Guide provides the documentation of the research design, the sampling method, and the variables of the national Dutch survey Religion in Dutch Society 2011-2012. Freely available now.

Symposium & Inaugural Lecture: Materiality, Mediation and the Study of Religion

On 19 October 2012 Prof. Birgit Meyer (professor of Religious Studies) will be giving her inaugural lecture on ‘Mediation and the Genesis of Presence. Towards a Material Approach of Religion.’ This will be the concluding contribution to a conference on ‘Materiality, Mediation, and the Study of Religion’, held on 18-19 October in Utrecht.

Seminar: Aesthetics of religious leadership

On Friday the 21st of September 2012 the anthropological department of the VU University in Amsterdam, in cooperation with the Radboud University of Nijmegen organizes a one-day symposium on the ‘aesthetics of religious leadership’.

Pew onderzoek: Eenheid en diversiteit onder moslims in de wereld

Verslag van een recent onderzoek van het Amerikaanse Pew The World’s Muslims: Unity and Diversity.

PEW Report Highlights – Muslim Americans after 9/11

Based on interviews with 1,033 Muslim Americans the PEW report looks at Muslim Americans’ political and social attitudes; religious views and practices; experiences and difficulties faced after 9/11; views of Islamic extremism; views of US efforts at combating terrorism; and views of national conditions. In addition to updating trends from earlier Pew Research surveys, the report includes comparisons of Muslim Americans with the general public and with Muslims in other countries, as well as detailed demographic information.


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