An anthropology of Muslims in Europe - A modest attempt by Martijn

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Stay organized: Tools for research and teaching

When doing research one of the most difficult tasks is preventing information overload. There are so many interesting aspects in your own research (of course my research is the most interesting in the whole world…) that you want to include as much as possible and you don’t want to miss anything. Fortunately there are several things you can use to create and maintain some order in the chaos.

Anthropology on the web – the culture of youtube

Of course, anthropology is one of the most important and interesting studies one can imagine. But what does an anthropologists on Youtube give a nice impression. The Internet offers a range of possibilities for anthropologists and the work on Youtube is fascinating. Moreover, the participation of students in it, make it highly relevant for teaching as well.

Open Source Research Tools

This is not a blog about research tools, software and so on. I would like to make an exception in this post however since I have come across two excellent open source tools. First of all there is Zotero. Zotero is a Firefox…


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