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Background information and context regarding culture, economy, politics and religion in the Middle East.

Bahrain: Shouting in the dark


“The world’s cameras have left, and their revolution remains as it began: A people shouting in the dark.”

Brandbrief Nederlandse religieuze leiders en vertegenwoordigers over Jemen


Nederlandse religieuze leiders en vertegenwoordigers van de Raad van Kerken, het IsraĆ«litisch Kerkgenootschap, het Contactorgaan Moslims en Overheid, de Boeddhistische Unie, de Hindoeraad en het Humanistisch Verbondhebben premier Rutte een brandbrief geschreven over de situatie in Jemen. ‘De situatie van onschuldige burgers in…

Why many pleas for a Lutheran reform of Islam do not quite nail it


500 years ago, in the nice German town of Wittenburg, a German professor of Theology nailed his 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church (or did he?). Luther’s act of rebellion against the Catholic Church was a main factor for the…

Imam Hassan Guillet (Quebec): “We are here to celebrate Khaled, Aboubaker, Abdelkrim, Azzedine, Mamadou, Ibrahima”


Transcript of Imam Hassan Guillet’s English address to the Quebec City convention centre during the funeral for three of the six victims of Sunday night’s mosque shooting We are here to celebrate Khaled, Aboubaker, Abdelkrim, Azzedine, Mamadou, Ibrahima. We are going to have…

After the Arab Spring – Al Jazeera World


Five young Arabs from countries that went through the 2011 revolutions reflect on what has happened five years on.

My Jihadis – Two documentaries


How Thomas Evans went from pub-going electrician in High Wycombe to Al-Shabaab fighter in Somalia with 13-year-old bride. While Jalila’s a committed party girl, her twin sister Jamila tried to go to Syria and is now on remand in Holloway.

Turning weapons of war into art – Syrian artist Akram Abo Alfoz


On Middle East Eye an article about Akram Abo Alfoz bringing bombs and bullets back to life by painting on the remnants of war. [This artwork] serves as a message of hope, steadfastness and struggle at the same time. And as a reminder…

fier en flink zijn – Antoine Bodar met Jeroen Pauw over islam #vijfjaarlater


Op 23 december jl. was priester Antoine Bodar te gast bij het programma Vijfjaarlater. Hierin kijkt Jeroen Pauw met zijn gast terug op een interview dat hij vijf jaar eerder deed. Met Bodar gaat hij in gesprek over diens geloof in de kerk,…

Syrian philosopher Sadiq Jalal al-Azm (1934-2016)


Sadiq Jalal Al-Azm born in 1934 has died. He was a Professor Emeritus of Modern European Philosophy at the University of Damascus in Syria and, until 2007, a visiting professor in the Department of Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University. He was specialized…

Dance or die: Syrian dancer fights the war in his own way


For the Dutch news program Nieuwsuur reporter Roozbeh Kaboly made a report about 26-year-old dancer Ahmad Joudeh and how he deals with the ongoing war and its predicaments.


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