An anthropology of Muslims in Europe - A modest attempt by Martijn

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Issues related to Muslims between 0-25 years old.

Adama – The story of black Muslim girl caught in the War on Terror


When she was 16, Adama Bah was arrested by the FBI and accused of being a potential suicide bomber. She was held six weeks in a maximum security juvenile detention center in Pennsylvania. There is an interesting film now about her predicaments.

Visualizing the ‘real’ story – #Mecca_live and #WestbankLive on Snapchat


Snapchat decided this week to dedicate the live stream to Mecca upon request by many users. During the 27th night of Ramadan (Laylat al-Qadar) #Mecca_Live resulted in more than one million mentions on Twitter and also many on Facebook with a lot of…

KRO-NCRV Reporter Radio: De Deradicaliseringsindustrie


Op basis van onderzoek van journalist Jeroen Kostense kwam KRO-NCRV’s Reporter gisteren met een uitzending over deradicalisering. Werkt de deradicaliseringsaanpak in Nederland wel? En wat is het eigenlijk, deradicalisering?

Rebellion – Muslims, youth culture and music


Hisham Aidi is, among other things, the author of a truly fascinating book about Muslims and hiphop: Rebel Music: Race, Empire and the New Muslim Youth Culture. From the US to Europe (including the Netherlands) to Brazil Aidi covers, as one reviewer aptly…

Nieuw boek: ‘Salafisme. Utopische idealen in een weerbarstige praktijk’


Salafisme. Utopische idealen in een weerbarstige praktijk dat ik heb geschreven met Joas Wagemakers en Carmen Becker verschijnt op woensdag 14 mei.

Muslims of France: Colonials, Immigrants and Citizens

Al Yazeera has a very interesting series Muslims of France: colonials, immigrants and citizens.

Somewhere – #Mipsterz all over the place

In the video Somewhere in America, a bunch of young Muslim women – mipsters – take over the urban landscape and cause of lot of debate.

Junge Salafiyya-Anhänger suchen im Internet nach dem „wahren Glauben“

Carmen Becker hat den Einfluss des Internets auf den Glauben junger niederländischer und deutscher Muslime untersucht, die der Salafiyya folgen. Am 9. September 2013 wird sie an der Nimweger Radboud Universität promovieren.

OntdekIslam Conferentie – Groene Vogels

nav berichten over moslimjongeren die afreizen naar Syrië om deel te nemen aan gewapende strijd, organiseert OntdekIslam op zaterdag 7 juli de Groene Vogels conferentie met sprekers en discussie.

‘Two of an Oriental Kind’ – Anti-semitism, Islamophobia and the question of racism in Europe


‘Two of an Oriental Kind’ – Anti-semitism, Islamophobia and the question of racism in Europe In his seminal work, Orientalism, Edward Said refers to anti-Semitism the “secret sharer” of orientalist prejudices. The history of both Islamophobia and anti-semitism can almost be read as…


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