New Book: Whatever Happened to the Islamists?

The utopian beliefs of Islamism have been irrevocably changed by the processes of modernization—especially globalization—which have taken the philosophy into unmistakable new directions. A new book: Whatever Happened to the Islamists?: Salafis, Heavy Metal Muslims, and the Lure of Consumerist Islam, edited by Amel Boubekeur and Olivier Roy. Also includes a chapter of mine on modern Dutch Salaf Continue Reading →

Postcard from England

It has been a very rewarding two weeks in England. After participating in a seminar on Monday 11 June I stayed for two more weeks. I wanted to do a follow up on my last visit to London, Birmingham and Leicester when I spoke with Muslims from the Netherlands who migrated to these cities. Continue Reading →

Niet het laatste woord: debat de laatste fatwa in Argan

Afgelopen vrijdag was er in jongerencentrum Argan in Amsterdam een debat over de ‘final fatwa’ van GroenLinks Tweede Kamerlid Tofik Dibi. Tijdens deze avond onder leiding van Nadia Bouras ging Tofik Dibi in debat met jongerenimam Yasin elForkani en de zaal over de inhoud en vorm van Final Fatwa. Ik had de eer een inleiding te mogen geven. Hier de tekst van de inleiding en een korte impressie v Continue Reading →

New Book: Local Battles- Global Stakes

Together with my colleague Edien Bartels I have written a chapter called Submission and a Ritual Murder; The transnational aspects of a local conflict and protest in a volume edited by my colleagues of VU University Amsterdam: Ton Salman and Marjo de Theije. In this volume Local Battles, Global Stakes. The Globalization of Local Conflicts and the Localization of Global Interests the authors challe Continue Reading →