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Coming soon…Fitna V Analysing political propaganda

Wilders’ film Fitna is an act of political propaganda made by a Dutch political leader trying to reduce the multidimensionality of the lives of Muslims and non-Muslims by using an adversarial ritual. It is a ritual that depict war against one another and people who have to face and overcome challenges.

Coming soon…fitna IV And there it is…

Wilders has released his film Fitna. One comment on it: you will see a picture of Mohammed Bouyeri who killed Theo van Gogh. Only…it is not Bouyeri but Salah Edin a Moroccan-Dutch rapper. I will give some more backgrounds the coming days but…

Coming soon… Fitna IV A small update

A small update on the film that still is not there. Most Dutch broadcasting companies will not air the film, since they are not allowed to view the film before airing it. Contrary to all other broadcasting companies the NMO (Dutch Muslim Channel)…

Mzine Online – Mzine op boek bij imaam Fawaz in Den Haag

Mzine Online Mzine op bezoek bij Imaam Fawaz in Den HaagMzine is onlangs op bezoek gegaan bij Imaam Fawaz. In Nederland bekend als 1 van de meest radicale Imaams van Nederland. Wij gingen erheen om zijn mening te vragen over de film van…

Coming soon…Fitna III – Pro Fitna sites

Besides the anti-fitna websites there are also websites in favour of the movie (or in favour of the freedom of expression is some would frame it). One example is Steun Wilders (Support Wilders) that has an online petition as well.

Danish cartoonist: Dutch politician should air his anti-Quran film – de Volkskrant

Danish cartoonist: Dutch politician should air his anti-Quran film – Binnenland – de Volkskrant In the Dutch daily newspaper Volkskrant an interview with Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard by Nanda Troost, about his predicaments after the recent death threats and the Fitna movie by…

Coming soon…Fitna II – Anti fitna sites

UPDATED – SEE BELOW It is important to recognize that the views of Wilders are not endorsed by all Dutch people. Muslims as well as non-Muslims have initiated several initiatives against Wilders and his film Fitna. Look for example at, although apparently…

Protected: Nederlands Dagblad – Imam: Geert Wilders moet vooral Allah vrezen

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Coming soon…Fitna I

Wilders movie Fitna is widely discussed on Dutch blogs. A Fist full of euros has made an interesting overview of it. One of the interesting links they have is to an Iranian Shia webforum where people discuss the freedom of expression in the…

Koranfilm: De boze moslim en de creatie van een morele paniek

We gaan deze week volledig los op de film van Geert Wilders, die er nog niet is. Allerlei stukken in de krant van besprekingen met moskeevertegenwoordigers die veel aandacht krijgen, de uitspraak van de groot-moefti van Syrië die Wilders verantwoordelijk stelt voor mogelijk…


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