(By last name of first author: books, articles, short pieces)

Books, edited volumes, special issues, and films

McBrien, Julie, 2017, From Belonging to Belief: Modern secularisms and the construction of religion in Kyrgyzstan. Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh University Press.

Moors, Annelies, under review, co-editor, special issue on Non-state registered marriages, The Oxford Journal of Law and Religion (with Rajnaara Akhtar and Rebecca Probyn).

Moors, Annelies, accepted 2018, co-editor, special issue on Unregistered Muslim Marriages: Regulations and Contestations, Sociology of Islam 6, 3 (with Rajnaara Akhtar and Rebecca Probyn).

Moors, Annelies, 2014, Waarom vrouwen ‘islamitische huwelijken’ aangaan. Wetgeving, seksualiteit en islam in Nederland en daarbuiten. Utrecht: FORUM Verkenningen. 2014 forum islamitische huwelijken

Vroon-Najem and Wendy van den Wilgenburg, 2018, Trouwen voor Allah. Persoonlijke verhalen van bekeerlingen. Documentary, 50 min.


Articles in academic journals and edited volumes

McBrien, Julie, under review ‘On Mothers and Daughters-in-law_Structure: Case Study in Context’ in D. Montgomery (ed.), Central Asia in Context: A Thematic Introduction to the Region. Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh University Press.

Moors, Annelies, Koning, Martijn de, Vroon-Najem, Vanessa, (2018), Secular Rule and Islamic Ethics. Engaging with Muslim-Only Marriages in the Netherlands, Sociology of Islam, 6(2018) pp 274-296.

Moors, Annelies, accepted 2018, ‘Introduction: Contextualizing Islamic religious-only Marriages’, Sociology of Islam (with Rajnaara Akhtar and Rebecca Probyn)

Moors, Annelies, accepted 2018, ‘Concluding an ‘Illegal Islamic Marriage’ in the Netherlands: Controversy, Criminalization and Contestations’, Sociology of Islam (with Martijn de Koning and Vanessa Vroon-Najem)

Moors, Annelies and Vanessa Vroon-Najem, under review ‘Converts, Marriage, and the Dutch Nation-state: Contestations about Muslim Women’s Well-being’, in Marja Tillikainen, Mulki Al-Sharmani, and Sanna Mustasaari (eds.), Wellbeing of Transnational Muslim Families: Marriage, Law and Gender. Routledge

Moors, Annelies, in press 2018, ‘No escape: The force of the security frame in academia and beyond’, in Nadia Fadil, Martijn de Koning, and Francesco Ragazzi, eds., Narratives of De/Radicalisation. Critical Approaches from Belgium and the Netherlands. I.B. Tauris.

Moors, Annelies, 2018, ‘Adopting a face-veil, concluding an Islamic marriage: autonomy, agency, and liberal secular rule’,  in Marie-Claire Foblets, Michele Graziadei and Alison Dundes Renteln eds., Personal Autonomy in Plural Societies. A principle and Its Paradoxes. London and New York: Routledge, pp. 127-140.

Moors, Annelies, 2013, ‘Unregistered Islamic marriages: Anxieties about sexuality and Islam’, in Maurits Berger (ed.), The Application of Sharia in the West. Leiden University Press, pp. 141-164.

Navest, Aysha, Martijn de Koning and Annelies Moors, accepted 2018, ‘Jihadbruiden’? Hoe uitreizigsters naar Syrie hun huwelijk sluiten’, Zemzem 14, 2: 148-58 Jihadbruiden Zemzem

Navest, Aysha, Martijn de Koning, and Annelies Moors, 2016, ‘Chatting about marriage with female migrants to Syria: Agency beyond the victim versus activist paradigm’, Anthropology Today 32, 2: 22-25.

Nisa, Eva, ‘Marriage Practices: Indonesia’, Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures, ed. by Suad Joseph et al, Brill Reference Online,

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Vroon- Najem, Vanessa, ‘Muslim Converts in the Netherlands and the Quest for a “Culture-Free” Islam’. Special Issue ASSR (Archives en Sciences Sociales des Religions), forthcoming.

Zbeidy, Dina, 2018, ‘Marriage Registration among Palestinians and Syrians in Jordan: Debating Identity, Society, and Displacement’,  Sociology of Islam 6, 3:  359-80.


Shorter popularizing pieces and blog posts:

De Koning, Martijn, 2017, ‘Muslim marriage in the UK,’Closer blog.

De Koning, Martijn, 2017, ‘Tentoonstelling en documentaire: ‘Trouwen voor Allah – Persoonlijke verhalen van bekeerlingen, ’ Closer blog.

De Koning, Martijn, 2017, ‘Ways of connecting to God’s will’ – Khola Hasan on connecting to nature, women’s issues and sharia council,’ Closer Blog.

De Koning, Martijn, 2016, ‘Undercover Islamic Marriages in the Netherlands,’ Closer blog.

De Koning, Martijn, 2016, ‘Islamic marriages in the Netherlands and refusing to divorce – A wrongful act,’ Closer blog.

Moors, Annelies and Martijn de Koning, 2018, ‘Jihadisme aan de Amstel? Sociologisch Magazine 2: 24-26 Sociologisch Magazine 2018 no 2

Moors, Annelies and Martijn de Koning, 2018, De wetenschap, de NRC en de veiligheidsdiensten,

Moors Annelies, De Koning, Martijn,  25 July 2017, ‘Kom op Maarten, léés ons artikel!’ JOOP.

Moors Annelies, De Koning Martijn, 2017, ‘Een rechtvaardige academische cultuur: vertrouwen, vrijheid en veiligheid voor allen,’ in Closer Blog.

Zbeidy, Dina, 2017, ‘Widowhood, Displacement and Friendships in Jordan,’ Refugee Hosts Blog.

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