Olivier Roy and Gilles Kepel: the new with the old

Economist.com | Islam and the West A review of ‘the war for mulsim minds: Islam and the West’ by Gilles Kepel and of ‘Globalised Islam’ by Olivier Roy, two leading French Islam experts. ” At the heart of both works is an understanding of a central paradox: in all its varieties, whether political, pietistic or […] Continue Reading →

Yearning For A Peaceful Ramadan

alt.muslim – your muslim news community Today, we live in a world where the news always has something related to Islam and the Muslim world. We’re bombarded with it. Everyone in the world is talking about you, and most of the time not knowing what they’re talking about. I don’t explain Ramadan anymore; people just […] Continue Reading →

Tawhid and Jihad

The Harvard Crimson Online :: Opinion Opinion article that highlights concepts concerning tawheed and jihad. “I felt that sinking feeling in my stomach when I read the news of Bigley�s death. I was terribly sad�and I was angry. I was angry at the United States for wreaking enough havoc in Iraq to cause already-mad men […] Continue Reading →

Muslims Log On to a Cyber Congregation

ABC News: Muslims Log On to a Cyber Congregation “Oct. 15, 2004 � Oct. 15, 2004 – From desert camps, hillsides, rooftops, mosques and minarets, the call for the evening prayer during the holy month of Ramadan has drawn Muslims across the world to worship for nearly 1,400 years. As the first cries of the […] Continue Reading →

Tariq Ramadan op bezoek bij Rita Verdonk

Trouw, nieuws & achtergronden – Integratie / ‘Islamitische school soms een getto’ “DEN HAAG – Moslims moeten zich niet opsluiten in aparte scholen en moskee�n die zo uit ‘1001 Nacht’ lijken te komen. Maar de Nederlandse overheid moet ook niet zo geobsedeerd raken door die paar radicale moslims, en eens wat meer oog krijgen voor […] Continue Reading →

De MOI presenteert: Conservation and Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage in the Islamic World

ReligionResearch Islam Blog In samenwerking met het Wereldculturencentrum RASA in Utrecht en het International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World (ISIM), presenteert de Nederlandse Vereniging voor de Studie van het Midden-Oosten en Islam (MOI) de MOI-Dag met als thema Conservation and Reconstruction of Cultural Heritage in the Islamic World (Behoud en […] Continue Reading →