Tariq Ramadan: An International call for Moratorium on corporal punishment, stoning and the death penalty in the Islamic World

In several European newspapers an article written by Tariq Ramadan today. In the Netherlands this article appeared in NRC Handelsblad called: Stop tijdelijk toepassing van shari’a. Tariq Ramadan is very popular among many European young Muslims. His message to them, in short, is that they have no excuse for not behaving like and being a […] Continue Reading →

Prayer service led by women

The discussion about the prayer service led by Islamic studies professor Amina Wadud is not over. She led 80 to 100 men and women in Muslim prayer at a church in New York. Muslim clerics denounced her actions and some have suggested that it was part of a plot to corrupt Islam, which requires separate […] Continue Reading →

The Hunt for Zarqawi's Webmasters

MSNBC has an item taken from Newsweek on tracking down the operators of Islamic terrorist Web sites. This is like trying to locate a floating craps game: here today, gone tomorrow. During the past year, investigators in America and Europe watched as a business called 357Hosting, based near Utrecht, the Netherlands, became the officially registered […] Continue Reading →

Brand in de Bedirschool Uden

De brand in de Bedirschool in Uden was ��n van de ernstigste incidenten in de nasleep van de moord op Van Gogh. Gisteren is er in het nieuwe gebouw opnieuw brand geweest en er lijkt weer sprake van brandstichting: Politie vindt fles in islamitische school Uden Weer brandstichting Bedirschool Uden Continue Reading →