C L O S E R – Cartoonesque

The controversy about the Danish Muhammad cartoons seems to gain some new speed. There is a call for a boycott against Danish and Norwegian products: According to Islam-Online.net Muslims Seek UN Resolution Over Danish Cartoons Ihsanoglu said the UN General Assembly would be asked to “pass a resolution banning attacks on religious beliefs.” CAIRO, January […] Continue Reading →

Iviews.com – No Talks With Hamas?

Iviews.com No Talks With Hamas? An opinion article on Iviews.com Uri Avnery. Does not completely represent my opinion, but still it is worthwile to think about it. No Talks With Hamas? This Was Said About PLO Too .. If Ariel Sharon had not been in a deep coma, he would have jumped out of his […] Continue Reading →

Iviews.com – Islam and the West – Who Hates Whom?

Iviews.com Islam and the West – Who Hates Whom? 1/24/2006 – Political – Article Ref: AN0601-2885 By: Fahmi Howaidi The Danish Case The Danish government’s attitude toward the blasphemous caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad published by a newspaper in the country should not be dismissed lightly as it is typical of the manner in which […] Continue Reading →

The Americans are coming…

Several American bloggers have been invited by the Dutch Tourism Agency to visit Amsterdam in the end of February. One of the bloggers is AMERICAblog: Because a great nation deserves the truth. Three days ago I got offered a trip to Amsterdam from the Dutch Tourism Agency. The Dutch were very excited to organize a […] Continue Reading →