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Blogging Mumbai

It seems that the blogosphere is doing quite a good job in covering the Mumbai attacks. In particular because of Twitter feeds it is actually much easier and powerful to portray an authentic sense of what is happening: Global Voices Online ยป India:…

Mumbai Attacks

Mumbai has been hit by several attacks for which a group calling itself Deccan Muhajedeen has claimed responsibility. You can updates from local bloggers at Mumbai Metblogs India,at Groundreport and at Global Voices. Mumbai gunmen kill 80, Western hostages taken | Reuters Gunmen…

Face-covering Islamic robes to be banned – Burqa ban extended to universities Face-covering Islamic robes known as burqas and niqabs are to be banned from Holland’s colleges and universities, education minister Ronald Plasterk said on Wednesday. In September, Plasterk (Labour) said the ban will only apply to primary…

Huwelijk toch maar niet geannuleerd

Een Frans huwelijk dat afgelopen mei nog werd ontbonden omdat de vrouw geen maagd meer bleek, is toch geldig, zo oordeelde het Franse Hof van beroep maandag. Over dat eerste vonnis was nogal wat commotie en veel media berichtten erover evenals diverse weblogs…

Vote for the best anthropology blogs, journal and something else

Savage Minds, one of the best anthropology blogs, has announced its nominees for the Savage Minds Awards nominees and winners in three categories: 1) Most Excellent Anthropology Blog (Vote Here)2) Most Excellent Open Access Journal in Anthropology(Vote Here)3) Most Excellent Uncategorizable Digital Thing-a-ma-job…

Webb Keane – Secularism and press freedom

The affair with the cartoons of the prophet Muhammad published by the Jylland Posten is probably familiar to you. I haven’t read a lot of interesting analysis about this affair, but now on the Immanent Frame (where else?) there is a very interesting…

Michael Jackson converts to Islam…again

In 2003 the following report appeared: Report: Jackson converts to Islam Paper says pop star joined Louis Farrakhan’s flock last nightLast night, on the eve of child-molestation charges being filed against him, Michael Jackson converted to Islam, reports the New York Post. In…

Protected: Visuele Antropologie – Globalisering in Spiegelbeeld

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Mirsab – 'We moeten in actie komen'

Mirsab Weblog is een onderdeel van de Stichting Mirsab: een non-profitorganisatie die is opgericht voor en door de Nederlandse moslimgemeenschap. De stichting is in de kern onvoorwaardelijk verbonden met de islam. De organisatie komt op voor het recht op volledige maatschappelijke participatie van…


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