Een genekte school in Gouda

De school was een brandpunt van mislukte onderwijsvernieuwing, druk tot schaalvergroting, een gefrusteerd (en soms discriminerend) lerarencorps, problematiek van Marokkaans-Nederlandse jongeren en daarmee gepaard gaande onmacht, waar geen goede wil (die er zeker was bij een groep docenten en directieleden) meer tegen opgewassen was. Continue Reading →

Closing the week 22

A weekly round up of writings on the Internet, some relevant for my research, some political, some funny but all of them interesting (Dutch/English). This week the overview is very long and only consists of articles I have come across. This week's suggestions from readers will be used next week. Keep sending them in! Continue Reading →

The power of images – Muslima ads

The image of the Muslims woman, the way the appear in public and her type of dress in public is one of the battle grounds on which the integration struggle takes place. This time it is about the public campaign of the province of Overijssel which features a girl with a headscarf that leads some people to engage in actions against the billboards by claiming Overijssel is not Islamic. Continue Reading →

Double Dutch

It is 400 years ago that the first Dutch people founded New Amsterdam, the place that is currently known as Manhattan. For both the US and the Netherlands (ok and Belgium too) it seems to have become an event celebrating their self-proclaimed image of progress, pioneership, entrepeneurship, tolerance and (delusions of) grandeur. There has been some criticism about the (positive) way current Dutch Continue Reading →

Stay organized: Tools for research and teaching

When doing research one of the most difficult tasks is preventing information overload. There are so many interesting aspects in your own research (of course my research is the most interesting in the whole world...) that you want to include as much as possible and you don't want to miss anything. Fortunately there are several things you can use to create and maintain some order in the chaos. Continue Reading →

Closing the week 21

A weekly round up of writings on the Internet, some relevant for my research, some political, some funny but all of them interesting (Dutch/English). (As usual to a large extent based upon suggestions from Dutch, other European, American and Middle Eastern readers. Thank you all.) Continue Reading →

Criminalisering van islam?

Zou het in een democratische rechtsstaat mogelijk moeten zijn om aanslagen te verheerlijken? Hoe ver mag de Nederlandse overheid gaan in het opleggen van kledingvoorschriften ten aanzien van moslims? Zijn er gronden waarop men verbodsbepalingen ten aanzien van uitingsvormen van islam kan legitimeren? Dit zijn vragen die aan de orde zullen komen tijdens een symposium van de Onderzoekschool Maatscha Continue Reading →

Saba Mahmood: Moral Injury and Secular Law: The Danish Cartoon Controversy and the Question of Muslim Minority in Europe

Saba Mahmood is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of California Berkeley and the author of Politics of Piety: The Islamic Revival and the Feminist Subject. In her lecture she challenges the consensus that the Danish cartoon controversy is best understood as a clash between the values of free speech and blasphemy. Her analysis has implications for how Muslim and non-Muslim Europ Continue Reading →

Een impressie van het Nationaal Islam Congres

Het Nationaal Islam Congres was zeer de moeite waard, vermoeiend en met een goede, gemoedelijke sfeer. De verontrusting die er voor het congres was onder bepaald niet-moslims zal daarmee zeker niet weggenomen. Niettemin denk ik dat het een belangrijk congres is geweest waar diverse onderwerpen aan bod kwamen die al veel langer onder moslims in discussie zijn zoals burgerschap, de positie van de vr Continue Reading →