Cartoonesque 15 – Muhammad Cartoons and Public Anthropology

An anthropologist in the Muhammad Cartoon debate. Last week there was a lot of talk about the publication of one of the Muhammad cartoons in a Dutch newspaper. A Muslim group responded and launched a video in which several people appeared, including your blogger. In this post I reflect about that and the ensuing debate and its relation to the Dutch Islam debate and public anthropology. Continue Reading →


Marokkanensjamanisme is een wazig tovergedoe die een grimmige schijnwerkelijkheid schept en een hele industrie aan de gang houdt en ons blind maakt voor structurele problemen. Het geeft het idee dat we daadwerkelijk weten waar het om gaat en wat de oplossing is, maar houdt uiteindelijk vooral zichzelf in stand. Continue Reading →

Cartoonesque 14 – Muhammad Cartoons and Dutch media

Dutch newspaper AD reported about the death threats against Vilks and in that same article also showed the cartoon he draw. This led to complaints in some Muslim circles. So far nothing new. But the ensuing conflict shows how the freedom of speech has become a disciplining frame and the repeated publishing of the cartoons after complaints against it by Muslims, can be seen as an attempt to teach t Continue Reading →

Closing the week 11

A weekly round up of writings on the Internet, some relevant for my research, some political, some funny but all of them interesting (Dutch/English). (As usual to a large extent based upon suggestions from Dutch, other European, American and Middle Eastern readers. Thank you all.) Continue Reading →

Linda Herrera and Arjan de Haan – A court case and an election: Letter from The Hague

Linda Herrera and Arjan de Haan reflect on the connections between the current criminal case of Karadzic and the recent municipal elections in The Hague both involving "the Muslim question" in Europe). They argue that the Hague is a microcosm for Europe, with two contradictory forces. A reconciliation of crimes and mistakes of Europe‚Äôs recent past. And at the same time possibly reproducing the Continue Reading →

De curieuze verdwijning van Mohammed Chentouf

Mohammed Chentouf is nadat hij zijn straf wegen terrorisme gerelateerde activiteiten heeft uitgezeten, uitgezet naar Marokko alwaar hij spoorloos is verdwenen. En hij is niet de enige De zaak van Mohammed Chentouf e.a. doet vrezen dat de steun voor de rechtsstaat helemaal niet zo principieel is. De rechtsstaat is dan niet bedoeld om de vrijheid van de individuele burger ten opzichte van de staat Continue Reading →