Waarschuwing Gewelddadige Demonstratie Amsterdam

In een doorstuurmail worden moslims gewaarschuwd voor de demonstratie van de Dutch Defense League, een zusterorganisatie van de English Defense League. De EDL heeft een zeer slechte reputatie opgebouwd op basis van intimidatie, racisme, islamofobie en gewelddadige rellen. In de mail worden echter ook voorvallen waarvan het onduidelijk is of ze aan de EDL toegeschreven kunnen worden onder die noeme Continue Reading →

NGG International Autumn Conference: Religious Authority – Past and Present

Religious authority – both in its abstract and concrete forms – is the research object of many disciplines, and especially for the academic study of religion, anthropology and sociology. What is religious authority exactly? Which insights are supplied by the academic discourse on this topic? The concepts that we use in studying religious authority offer a rich array of approaches which will be Continue Reading →

Introducing Anthropology and Publicity

Although anthropology is by definition ‘public’, the relationship between its practitioners and society, its social relevance and its connections with the wider audience, have always been controversial and complex. This will be the general theme of the meeting on 5 November 2010 at Ravenstein. To be sure, it is a vast and multifaceted topic. Continue Reading →

New Book – Producing Islamic Knowledge: Transmission and dissemination in Western Europe

How do Muslims in Europe acquire discursive and practical knowledge of Islam? How are conceptions of Islamic beliefs, values and practices transmitted and how do they change? Who are the authorities on these issues that Muslims listen to? How do new Muslim discourses emerge in response to the European context? This book addresses the broader question of how Islamic knowledge (defined as what Musl Continue Reading →