Award for anthropologist Jan Blommaert: Language, Asylum and the National Order

Jan Blommaert has been awarded with the first Barbara Metzger Prize for his article Language, Asylum, and the National Order published in the journal Current Anthropology in August 2009 (vol. 50, no. 4). Jan Blommaert is professor of language, culture and globalization at Tilburg University, the Netherlands and professor in African linguistics and sociolinguistics at Ghent University in Belgium. I Continue Reading →

The Ideology and Influence of Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi

Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, is hardly known among Muslims outside Salafi circles and almost a complete unknown among non-Muslims outside specialists of radical Islam. Still, within those two groups, everybody knows who he is. Today Joas Wagemakers will defend his PhD thesis on Al-Maqdisi, one of the most important scholars about jihad. On Closer a guest contribution by Joas Wagemakers about his resea Continue Reading →

New Book – Identity and Participation in Culturally Diverse Societies: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Together with Roel Meijer I wrote a chapter Going All the Way: Politicization and Radicalization of the Hofstad Network in the Netherlands. In this chapter we analyze the shift from a politicized identity to a radicalized identity of (members of) the Hofstad network. This chapter will be published in Identity and Participation in Culturally Diverse Societies: A Multidisciplinary Perspective edited Continue Reading →

Closing the week 45 – Featuring Performing Islam

A weekly round up of writings on the Internet, some relevant for my research, some political, some funny but all of them interesting (Dutch/English). (As usual to a large extent based upon suggestions from Dutch, other European, American and Middle Eastern readers. Thank you all.) This week featuring different modalities of performing Islam. Continue Reading →

Handboek en symposium over jongeren en religie

Zappers, relishoppers, legobouwers. Jongeren in Nederland; je ziet ze nauwelijks nog in de kerk of de moskee. Toch zijn ze wel degelijk bezig met zingeving en religieuze activiteiten. Ze bewegen zich in diffuse sociale netwerken en zijn moeilijk te traceren, laat staan langdurig te binden. Hoe stellen deze jongeren hun eigen bouwpakket van zingeving samen en waaruit kiezen ze? Uit de tradities van Continue Reading →