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Islamophobia in Europe

I found an interesting video of a woman talking about islamophobia in the Netherlands. The video was made after the last elections.

Hollands Glorie: Racisme, Nationalisme en Seksisme

Er is een nieuw blad op de markt: Hollands Glorie; uitgegeven door Credit Media. In het eerste nummer Anita Witzier en Irene Moors. Ofwel hoe racisme, nationalisme en seksisme leest als een toerisme brochure.

Public Seminar: Muslim Cultural Production in Europe

The research group ‘Living Islam’ at the University of Amsterdam focuses on artistic performances, popular music, and new styles of dress. On August 30, they present some of the outcomes of this research in a Public Seminar on Muslim Cultural Production in Europe.

On Social Construction

This is an interesting video and very useful for teaching purposes by Lisa Wade and Gwen Sharp of Sociologcial Images. They explain in a very concrete way the idea of social construction; a concept that refers to how people giving to the world.

Pew onderzoek: Eenheid en diversiteit onder moslims in de wereld

Verslag van een recent onderzoek van het Amerikaanse Pew The World’s Muslims: Unity and Diversity.

Ook voor de vrijheid van meningsuiting

Ook voor de vrijheid van meningsuiting?

Ramadan in Europe – A Youtube Essay IV: Eat, Pray, Fast

A five part series on the Islamic month of fasting, Ramadan, among Muslims in Europe. Part IV: Eat, Pray, Fast. Iftar traditions in Europe.

Ramadan in Europe – A Youtube Essay III: Body & Spirit

Ramadan in Europe: A Youtube essay. A five part series on the Islamic month of fasting, Ramadan, among Muslims in Europe. Part III: contemplating about fasting in relation to the body and spirit.


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