Innocence of Muslims – Humiliation, Rage and Subordination

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  1. Beste Martijn,

    Hier nog een commentaar van Harlan Ullman op UPI (op de VS gericht, maar meestal een verstandig commentator). Alvast enkele citaten:

    “The heat of a presidential campaign has obscured objective and rational dissection of what actually caused these riots. Lost in the exchanges between the candidates in assigning and rejecting blame is any mention of the underlying forces that set Muslims against Americans or of the power of the cyber revolution that instantaneously connects millions of people.”

    “And manufacturing inflammatory videos to enrage and engage Arab and Muslim publics is a clever and cunning use of asymmetries to attack and defame the enemy.

    None of this is news. In 2004, the Pentagon’s Defense Science Board was tasked to study the state of this country’s strategic communications. It concluded and stated on the forwarding letter to the Secretary of Defense, the following: ‘The United States cannot win the war on terror if it does not win the war of ideas. And it is losing the war of ideas.”

    “Sadly for the United States, having a strategic communications plan in this battle against violent extremism and injustice isn’t on the agendas of either presidential candidate. Hence, when the next incident occurs, which it will, and riots against America or the West break out, we should reread and take seriously the Defense Science Board’s warning: ‘We are losing the war of ideas!'”

    Vreemd is wel dat Ullman Saoedi-Arabië een vriend van de VS noemt. Dat lijkt me een idee wat op de schop moet.

    VHJM van Neerven
    editor-in-chief  & senior counselor

  2. Johan Miltenburg says:

    As a Catholic missionary in a country with a predomonant, but doctrinally and ritually far from united, muslim population, namely Algeria, I consider it as my evangelization task to find means and ways to promote the production of written, drawn, performed and filmed humoristic expressions in Arabic/French/English or one of the Berber languages, especially Kabylian and Mzabi. I personally draw much fun out of the set of tenets of my church and find the Gospel a source of self-relativization and humor. Amen.
    Johan Miltenburg

  3. Johan Miltenburg says:

    I forgot to mention that I’m not in the least amused by the burning of the Catholic (and – alas – also the competitive Assemblies of God place of worship in Zinder / Niger Republic on last friday September 14th. I was a catholic missionary, attached to that church from 1990 till 1999. I cannot laugh at the way local inhabitants of christian persuasion got door-to-door warnings to get out and be lost. My sympathy to both injured pastors and one of the church-ladies. Why did last friday’s incendiary of 2 christian places of worship in Zinder / Niger Republic, not get the media attention it deserved ?
    Johan Miltenburg
    Catholic Missionary in Ghardaïa / Algeria

  4. Beste lezers,

    Ook in de VS ergeren mensen zich aan de politieke winst die sommigen proberen te slaan uit deze rellerij.
    Zie: GOATMILK: An intellectual playground edited by Wajahat Ali — “An Open Letter to Mr. Joe Scarborough” – by Adeel Ahmed
    (Adeel Ahmed is an actor and writer based in NY. He has performed at The Kennedy Center and his work has screened at Sundance Film Festival and SXSW under the direction of Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Credits inlude The Domestic Crusaders, Law and Order, Saturday Night Live. He has been a guest on NPR, BBC and more.)

    Tekst op

    Goatmilk is zeer de moeite van het volgen waard!

    VHJM van Neerven
    editor-in-chief & senior counselor

  5. P.S. Deze alinea uit een stuk op (!!!) geeft aardig weer in wat voor “spagaat” de VS verkeert. Mij lijkt dit een goede aanvulling en versterking van wat Martijn al schreef:

    “The thing that makes this particularly difficult for the United States is that … we treat what most of us would refer to as hate speech as constitutionally protected speech and Americans don’t appreciate, I think, how unusual this position seems in the rest of the world,”
    (said Lawrence Rosenthal, a professor at Chapman University’s School of Law in Orange, California.)

  6. Michael Munnik says:

    A subtle post, Martijn, presenting something of a media war of attrition. And, further, the intended “audience” for this hypothetical (or, with Charlie Hebdo, quite concrete) barrage of insulting references is not really the Muslim populations at all but the “good” and “liberal” Westerners. The instigator looks over his shoulder at all the other like-minded observers, smirks, shrugs, says “You see? They just don’t learn.” And they reinforce for themselves the virtue and the superiority of their outlook. It’s hard to see what makes the production of a work such as _The Innocence of Muslims_ in any way necessary except as a provocation, another opportunity to draw the line between us and them.

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