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Syriëgangers op de TV

Het was me het weekje wel, maar liefst drie uitzendingen op tv en een onderzoek over Syriëgangers. Een kort commentaar over het onderzoek en een overzicht van de uitzendingen en de twitter-reacties erop.

What kind of Asian are you?

In this video, What Kind of Asian are you? Scott plays a friendly jogger who is very interested in guessing the heritage of Stella, an Asian American woman. It brings about some issues of whiteness, hegemony, assimilation, normalcy and raising your voice.

Antropologie & Relativisme: Een pleidooi voor ontwrichtende wetenschap

Lang leve de antropologie en haar cultureel-relativisme. En op naar meer ontwrichtende, gevaarlijke wetenschap!

CfP: Everyday Life Practices of Muslims in Europe: Consumption and Aesthetics

Call for Papers:Practices of everyday life are central to discover the subjectivity of Muslims. This workshop seeks to explain the daily life choices and preferences in the context of subjectivity and self, looking at the questions concerning the religious-cultural-ethnic constructions of practices in which different perceptions are mediated on Muslims.

Defining and Understanding Islamophobia in Europe – A Review

Islamophobia as a concept, and as a social phenomenon, is difficult to grasp. In writing Xenophobia and Islamophobia in Europe, Raymond Taras joins a growing number of writers who are making interesting contributions to this topic. My review of his book at H-Net.

Rohingya: A Hidden Genocide in a 'racially tolerant' country?

In a racial tolerance map of the Washington Post Burma / Myanmar appears to be more ‘racially tolerant’ then India, Bangladesh, Thailand and China. Let’s consider the genocide of the Rohingya Muslims.

Verkiezingen in Pakistan: ‘revolutie’ bleef uit

Amer Morgahi over de recente verkiezingen in Pakistan gewonnen door Sharif die mikt op economische vooruitgang in het instabiele Pakistan.

The moral maze: Dutch Salafis and the construction of a moral community of the faithful

My article in the special issue of Contemporary Islam on Moral Ambiguities and Muslim Lives: The moral maze: Dutch Salafis and the construction of a moral community of the faithful.

The Not So Secret World of British Sharia Councils

A few days ago BBC’s Panorama aired an undercover report on the so-called British sharia councils. The program was pitched as an exposé of the secrets of British sharia councils. The program wasn’t as revealing as it suggested.

De Khans van Pakistan: Imran Khan

Op 11 mei 2013 vinden er verkiezingen plaats in Pakistan. Oud-Cricketlegende en voorzitter van PTI, Imran Khan, maakt een goede kans om te gaan winnen volgens Nazima Shaikh.


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