An anthropology of Muslims in Europe - A modest attempt by Martijn

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‘Stewards of Creation’ – Religion and the environment

The Prophet Muhammad’s love for nature is extended by some Muslim activists to emphasize environmental stewardship as a particular role and responsibility bestowed upon humanity.

New Book: Methods for the Study of Religious Change – From Religious Studies to Worldview Studies

A new book edited by André Droogers and Anton van Harskamp ‘Methods for the Study of Religious Change’ argues that the study of religion should focus on people’s worldview-making capacities and should contribute to the critical analysis of global problems and the promotion of cultural and spiritual respect across religions.

De Waarde van een Mensenleven – Het Gruwelijke Lot van Mohamed Aadan

Mohamed Aadan stierf niet op 9/11 in het WTC, Pentagon of in één van de vliegtuigen. In die zin was hij geen slachtoffer van 9/11. Hij was toen namelijk al dood. Zijn gruwelijke lot heeft niets met dat 9/11 te maken, maar toch verdient hij de aandacht.

No such thing as Islamophobia

Five reasons why there is no such thing as Islamophobia. Really there isn’t. Really.


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