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‘Import’ – Een impressie en duiding van 30 jaar verzet tegen AZC’s

En afgelopen maandag was het protest in Heesch tegen de geplande komst van een asielzoekerscentrum aan de rand van de dorpsgrens met Vinkel. Het protest liep, niet geheel onverwacht, uit de hand. De tegenstand tegen het AZC deed me denken aan een protest…

The battle of ideas – The Jihadist Next Door

In the documentary The Jihadis Next Door Jamie Roberts followed a group of militant activists in London, including Abu Rumaysah who left Britain with his wife and four children the day after being released on bail, travelling to Paris and then Syria. Abu…

Islamophobia and/in the media – The profit of Islam

The Profit of Islam exposes the complex relationship between Islamophobia and the media in the UK, fusing a range of archive footage and interviews with experts to investigate and reveal the media’s role in the the recent growth of Islamophobic attitudes in contemporary Britain

Documentary Mojtaba Masood – Islamophobia: Cause & Effect

Mojtaba Masood investigates the rise of Islamophobia and the impact of new counter-terrorism policies.

A State of Terror – France after the attacks

In response to the Paris attacks last month, France declared a state of emergency that has resulted in more than 2,700 raids of homes and businesses, hundreds of arrests and even the closing of some mosques.


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